FACA Senior All-Star Final Selections *Update9*

Final Selections have been made and are listed below.

Girls FACA Senior All-Stars:

East Girls -- Team is Finalized

Chloe Hyde - Lake Brantley HS

Magnolia Lake - Rockledge HS

Jordan Stevens - Lake Brantley HS

Hayley Barrett - Rockledge HS

Sophie Valenti - Lakeland HS

Charis Ivey - Winter Park HS

Sasha WiecheckiVergara - Holy Trinity Academy

Juliet Small - Lake Highland Prep HS

North Girls -- Team is Finalized

Summer Williams - Florida HS

Brianna Wyer - Pensacola Catholic HS

Jayda Brooks - Niceville HS

Hannah Farley - Niceville HS

Sheri Frymire - Pensacola Catholic HS

Sarah Dann - Robinson HS

Leah Marville - Nature Coast Tech

Caroline Woolfolk - St. Augustine HS

South Girls -- Team is Finalized

Nicohl Torres Santos - St. Thomas Aquinas HS

Breanna Pina - Park Vista HS

Nicole Limperis - Cardinal Gibbons HS

Camille Strackbein - Gulf Coast HS

Yasmeen Hammad - Coral Springs HS

valencia powell - Dillard HS

Emma McLaughlin - Tampa Bay HEAT

West Girls -- Team is Finalized

Cheyenne Young - Cape Coral HS

Cadi Rowe - Lake Minneola HS

Savannah Schwab - Tavares HS

Amanda Brake - Wharton HS

Morgan (Mo) Palmer - Palmetto Ridge HS

Isabella Coogan - Port Charlotte HS

Chablis Shreffler - Tavares HS

Hannah Hoffman - Newsome HS

Boys FACA Senior All-Star:

East Boys -- Team is Finalized

Brady Zimmerman - George Jenkins HS

Matthew Cummings - Cocoa Beach HS

Nicholas Miller - West Orange HS

Trent Shackelford - Lake Brantley HS

Nicholas Khan - West Orange HS

Andy Martinez - Viera HS

Billy Buntin - Martin County HS

Joshua Matzner - Dr. Phillips HS

North Boys -- Waiting on 1 confirmation

Ian Rivera-Garcia - Lely HS

Michael Welborn - East Lake

Alex Fiorillo - Admiral Farragut Academy

Hunter McAdams - Newsome HS

Caden Monk - Buchholz HS

Tanner Rosolino - Father Lopez Catholic HS

Deiondre Williams - Homestead Senior HS

Sukeil Foucha - Piper HS

South Boys -- Team is Finalized

Aydan Child - Marathon MS/HS

Samuel Munera - Jupiter HS

Owen Allen - Key West HS

Will Noonan - Spanish River HS

Colin Breslin - St. Thomas Aquinas HS

Isaac Louigene - Coral Springs HS

Thomas Rodriguez - Archbishop McCarthy HS

Isaias De la Puente - Forest Hill HS


West Boys -- Team is Finalized

Hugh Brittenham - Estero HS

Jacob Hensley - Citrus HS

Nickolas Kamen - Gulf Coast HS

John Jessup - Gulf HS

Ryan Gorman - George M. Steinbrenner HS

Alex Quesada-Perez - Gaither HS

Dominic Burleson - Sunlake HS

John Perez - Port Charlotte HS

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Content listed below refers to the Initial Selection process.

Selection Process Notes: The F.A.C.A. All-Star Selection Committee has selected these initial individuals based on their performances throughout the season. Please realize that these lists are put together objectively, by comparing the four Watch Lists that were published along with the State Championship results. Please realize that this is a very long and tricky process which takes multiple hours in researching for all four geographical locations and both genders.

We acknowledge that there are a variety of reasons as to why athletes perform they way they do. From weather patterns, to course difficulties, to different racing strategies, etc. Therefore it is virtually impossible to be able to compare every race situation and weekly head-to-head results for the 300 hundred plus athletes that have been ranked throughout this season; this is also why legitimate 3.1 mile races are critical for helping maintain the integrity of the flrunners database.

In the end, the selection committee does the best it can in putting together these lists in an unbiased manner and in a timely fashion, considering the amount of paperwork involved and considering how we are less than one week away from the Senior All-Star competition. We thank everyone in advance for their understanding that certain selections are not always indisputable, but selections must still be made.

Taking all of that into account, we also acknowledge that sometimes in the selection process there is human error, or even a computer glitch. So if there is a major issue, such as an athlete missing from the listing altogether, please contact Coach Bonnie Fleming (bonniegaldys@hotmail.com) and Coach Ryan Raposo (ryanraposo@gmail.com) immediately to let us know so we can fix the problem.

Selection Information: There will be up to eight athletes per geographical location, per gender, that will be selected for this competition. Traditionally the top seven selections are based on the process that has been listed, and there is a certain amount of allowance utilized for the final 8th (non-scoring, non-displacing) position; usually reserved for a borderline athlete that might come from the home school of the Senior All-Star Coach. This is not always the case, but it helps give an extra incentive for our All-Star Coaches who are going out of their way to voluntarily help with this event.

Additionally, we will always be in contact with athletes who are interested to compete although their team may have already been filled, but just in case another team may be short of athletes. There have been plenty of times where the 9th or 10th athlete in one geographical location has been used to fill the 7th and 8th positions on another team. So if you are interested, please make sure to let Coach Fleming and Coach Raposo know, even if you find yourself further down on the listing.

Important information pertaining to the listings below and the selection process:

If you have been selected, then you need to email Coach Fleming and/or Coach Raposo to receive your Final Instructions and competition paperwork. For all athletes who are listed as Attending, you should have received an email from Coach Fleming or Coach Raposo with that information. If you have not, please get in contact as soon as possible. Second, for athletes listed as Interested, if you have moved from the Alternates list into the current selections due to another athlete dropping out, then you should be receiving an email fairly soon with your Final Instructions and competition paperwork, and asking for verification that you're still planning on attending the competition.

Next, for those athletes listed in each Alternates section and that have not yet contacted us with your interest, please do so at your earliest convenience. Although you have not been selected, we will have many athletes that do not respond or drop out, and we wish to know your status. For those that have contacted us as being interested, please keep faith that many of you WILL BE selected within the next few days. Every year this process sees many athletes Decline, and selected athletes back out at the last minute, so make sure to be in contact with us and keep training just in case! Also, if you are listed as Interested and there is a Decline from the current top eight selection, and you are next on the Alternates section, you will be contacted to see if you still wish to compete.

Finally, and most important, in order to properly allow all interested athletes a fair opportunity to be able to compete, we please ask that all officially selected athletes send in their race confirmations or rejections by Monday, November 12th @ 8:00pm. Starting Monday evening @ 8:01pm, if we do not have a final confirmation from those currently selected, regardless of who they are, we will then open the race selections to the alternates and/or other interested athletes. We thank everyone for their interest in the competition, their understanding of their process, and their desire to compete!

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This is a living article and will be updated numerous times. Please look at it regularly to be up to date with the selections. This article was last updated, 11/14/18 @ 9:10pm.

Athletes who are listed as Attending will be highlighted in Green, Maybes are in Yellow, Declines are in Red, and those Interested are in Aqua.

Girls FACA Senior All-Star Selections:

The final selections are listed above.

Boys FACA Senior All-Star Selections:

The final selections are listed above.

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Important Information for potential Senior All-Stars:

Listed below are the competition requirements as stipulated by the Florida Athletic Coaches Association for all high school sports and their F.A.C.A. Senior All-Star games, tournaments, and competitions. If you have any questions about the information listed, please contact Coach Bonnie Fleming (bonniegaldys@hotmail.com), the F.A.C.A. Cross Country Chair.

Senior All-Star Selection Requirements:

1) Your high school coach must be a member of the Florida Athletic Coaches Association.
- This is a requirement set forth by the F.A.C.A. Boards of Directors. If your high school coach is a member, then you're good to go! If your high school coach is not a member, then have your high school coach sign up! If you are unsure of your coach's status, contact your high school coach directly and ask them, or contact the F.A.C.A. Executive Director: Shelton Crews (sheltoncrews@yahoo.com) and he can verify for you.

- Florida Athletic Coaches Association Website
- F.A.C.A. 2018-19 Online Membership Registration Page
- F.A.C.A. Membership Benefits Page

2) You and/or your HS coach will need to secure a $90 sponsorship fee for yourself to help cover the cost of the event.
- The $90 sponsorship fee will help cover the cost of everything that goes on with the meet (excluding your personal traveling costs); this includes: Hotel costs, the Friday night banquet, F.A.C.A. commemorative t-shirts, F.A.C.A. drawstring bags, All-Star gold medallions, and a plaque for each individual race champion.
- The sponsorship fee should try to be obtained by a team's booster club, the athlete's school, through a parent's work place, or even by a local business or local running store. All athletes that make the final selection process will receive a sponsorship donation request form to help all athletes obtain the donation fee.

Once again, after reading and understanding all of the information posted above, if you wish to Accept or Decline your participation status for this year's F.A.C.A. Senior All-Star Meet, please let us know as soon as possible. Once confirmed, participation information will be emailed out to you with all of the requirements for being able to compete. Also, In order to allow all interested athletes a fair opportunity to be able to compete, we please ask that all officially selected athletes send in their race confirmations or rejections by Monday, November 12th @ 8:00pm. Starting Monday evening @ 8:01pm, if we do not have a final confirmation, then we will open the race selections to the alternate and/or other interested athletes.

If you have any questions, please ask us! Thank you!

Bonnie Fleming, F.A.C.A. Cross Country Chair - bonniegaldys@hotmail.com
and Ryan Raposo, F.A.C.A. Rankings Representative - ryanraposo@gmail.com