Satellite Boys Satisfied With State Win, Aims Focus On NXRSE

The Satellite Scorpions brought home an individual state title, runner-up finish, and a team championship from Saturday's 2A state meet. 

Gabe Montague (15:31) and Justin Wilson (15:34) led the team with their first and second place runs, racing together till a kick to finish. The two led the race and worked off one another from start to finish with Bolles' Will Brady pursuing the duo. 

M 5000m1Gabriel Montague1115:31.841
M 5000m2Justin Wilson1015:34.952
M 5000m4Josh Kraver1216:01.184
M 5000m6Josh Stern1116:07.366
M 5000m18Colby Steger1216:35.3317
M 5000m19Aidan Mason1016:39.8718
M 5000m22Dayton Law1016:41.5721

Josh Kraver, Josh Stern, and Colby Steger finished out the top five scorers for Satellite -- all in the top 18 of the competition. The Scorpions took the win with a low score of 30 points -- the lowest team score of any team at Apalachee Regional Park this weekend. Bolles came in a competitive second place over the rest of the field with 89 points led by Brady.

Coach Doug Butler adds another year to his prior 14 years on the podium (only counting the times on the podium for the boys state championship). He's looking to lead his strong, young team beyond a state championship this year. 
Joining Belen, Satellite is a strong contender for an NXN qualifying spot out of the southeast region in a few weeks. A run for nationals means their fourth, fifth, and six guys will need to step it up and run for place at the WakeMed course.