Salute to Seniors: Kesona Hanson

Before the class of 2020 makes their final farewells to high school cross country and track and field, we want to give everyone a chance to salute them one more time!FLRunners invites all seniors to tell their stories from the past four years.

Today we salute Northeast senior, Kesona Hanson.

                      What was your most memorable race/throw/jump/vault/moment?

                      My most memorable race was when I ran sub 15, 14.7, in the 100mh at Hallandale High School.

                      Who would you consider your biggest competition over your four years?

                      The biggest competition I've had over the past four years is myself.

                      What was your greatest accomplishment?

                      My greatest accomplishment was advancing from Regionals to States even though I had a slightly pulled hamstring.

                      Who would you consider your biggest role model over your four years competing?

                      My biggest role model over the four years is my father. Not only is he my dad, but he is also my coach. He always helped me push past my limits and be a better me.

                      If you could do it all over again what would you change about your running or field career in high school?

                      I honestly wouldn't change anything. Every struggle and experience that I endured during my career, made me who I am today.

                      What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome? How did you overcome them?

                      The most difficult obstacle that I had to overcome was the unfortunate injury I acquired during the season of my Junior year. I overcame this challenge by properly caring it and pushing through the pain.

                      What will you miss the most?

                      I will miss competing the most. I will also miss the joy I got every time I beat my personal record.

                      What advice would you give to younger athletes?

                      I would tell them to never give up, strive for your goals, and don't let anybody make you doubt yourself. I would advise them to trust in themselves and God; and just keep pushing.

                      What are your post-high school or college plans?

                      After high school, I will be attending Florida Atlantic University.

                      Who would you like to say 'thank you' to?

                      I would like to thank my hurdles coach, Wade Clair, for believing in me and assisting me to improve in the technical areas of my hurdles race. My mother, Sonakaye Hanson, who dedicated her life to ensure that I am successful in my education, Track and Field and other areas of my life. She has been a rock in my life, and I thank her. Last, but not by any means least my father, Coach Hanson. He has been my motivator every step of the way. He always encouraged and pushed me to be the best I can. He never allowed me to be a failure. He coached me in a tough, loving and caring manner. Thank you, dad!!!!