Bracy A No Go For Golden South Classic

Boone sprinter Marvin Bracy will not be in the field for the Golden South Classic. Personal coach and trainer Ricky Argro has informed that Bracy's hamstring was about at 80 perecent and the decision for him to sit out made the most sense. Argro says he noticed something wasn't quite right during their latest workout.

"He had a little bit of discomfort and his running gait wasn't what I was used to seeing. He just all in all didn't look like Marvin and that pretty much solidified it for me.

The race which is held at The First Academy would have been Bracy's last opportunity to run in front of his hometown crowd. Argro says his star pupli was disappointed, but knows that it was the right decision in the long run.

"He was a little upset because we realized this would be the last time running in Orlando. The city has supported Marvin and we really appreciate the support. It's hard and tough for me to pull him out and it's tough for Marvin being the athlete he is not being able to run, but it's something I had to do that I felt was best. I think he knew I was making the right call for him though. I told him I care too much about him to put him out there and worry about risking himself again. We have bigger things on the horizon."
One of those events is the Dream 100 in New York City. Argro says Bracy's hamstring is about 80% and with a two week layoff he will be ready to run.
"We have two and a half weeks to get ready for the Dream 100 so I think within the next two weeks I definitely believe he will have a chance to run in that event. The Dream 100 is still what we are looking at doing."
Marvin's cousin Levonte "Kermit" Whitfield who is also competing in the Dream 100 will run the 100 at the Golden South Classic.

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