Meet Information

Email Mike Ford or 904 449-9529

Entree Deadline:
Thursday April 19

Entree Fees:
$10.00 per athlete Team Maximum Fee $75.00 Per Gender Team

******(cash only to be paid day of the event)******

1st place in each event will recieve 2012 medalions and 2nd -6th place ribbons for each of the divisions

Four Trophies Available For The Team Divisions:
Girls School Team, Boys School Team, Girls Club Team, Boys Club Team

Note: This schedule is an estimate, not exact. We will try to stick as closely to it as possible, but please account for some variability on the times give or take 15 minutes.

Meet Opens
8:00AM - Registration and Packet Pickup Begins
8:30AM - Coaches Meeting

Field Events
9:00AM - Girls Long Jump
9:00AM - Boys High Jump
9:00AM - Girls Shot Put
9:00AM - Boys Discus
9:00AM - Girls Pole Vault
9:00AM - Boys Triple Jump
11:00AM - Girls High Jump
11:00AM - Boys Pole Vault
11:00AM - Boys Long Jump
11:00AM - Girls Triple Jump
11:00AM - Boys Shot Put
11:00AM - Girls Discus

Running Events
9:00AM - Girls/Boys 3000 Meter Run
10:00AM - Girls/Boys 4x400 Meter Run
10:30AM - Girls 100 Meter Hurdles
10:45AM - Boys 100 Meter Hurdles
11:00AM - Girls/Boys 100 Meter Dash
11:10AM - Girls/Boys 1500 Meter Run
11:55PM - Girls/Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
12:10PM - Girls/Boys 400 Meter Dash
12:25PM - Girls/Boys 800 Meter Run
12:50PM - Girls/Boys 200 Meter Hurdles
1:10PM - Girls/Boys 200 Meter Dash
1:30PM - Girls/Boys 4x800 Meter Relay

Meet Concludes
2:15PM - Awards Ceremony

****Coaches Information for the 2012 Northeast Middle School Regional****

1. We will definitely need assistance in the field event officiating.
(Triple jump, long jump, high jump, shot, discus, and pole vault)

2. All Field events are contained within the track. Therefore no one will be allowed inside the track unless they are a competitor or an official.

3. The warm up area will be the practice field adjacent to the track.

4. Team camp areas need to be set up on the visitor side of the field and around the practice field/warm up area (along the fence so the field is usable for warm up.)

5. Please communicate to your athletes there is to be no jumping of fences. They will be disqualified if they jump.

6. We are asking that all athletes watch from the visiting side of the field and allow spectators and coaches to use the home side stands.

7. The girls long jump/triple jump is the one closest to the high jump pit on the visitors side.

8. Clerk of the course will be set up behind the 100/110 start lines.

9. USTF rules allow for the athletes to compete in four running events. This is consistent with hand book for the state meet on May 5th.

10. PLEASE Remind all spectators that it will be $5.00 charge at the gate. Under 10 years old is free.

11. All individual and team fees are due at the entrance to the gate at the beginning of the Meet. CASH only please.

12. All coaches will need to verify their entries on the printed roster at the beginning of the meet at the coaches meeting.