Meet Information

Entry Fee: $120 per school

Site: Johnny Johnson Stadium
Phone: (863) 510-8955 (my cell, so text or call)

3:30pm- Unofficial starts time. (Please send jumpers, 4x800, and 300IH right away)
We will run all field events early to expedite the meet.
Please send field event athletes ahead early.
Boys/Girls Long Jump 3:30
Girls/Boys (will follow girls) 4x800 3:45
Boys/Girls Triple Jump 4:15(Or immediately after Long Jump)
Boys/Girls High Jump 4:00
Boys/Girls shot/discus 4:00
Girls/Boys 300Low Hurdles 4:30

Admission: $5.00 adults, $2.00 student- concessions will be available.
5:30 Running events begin (order as follows) No prelims, STRAIGHT FINALS.
110High Hurdles 800M Run
100M Dash 200M Dash
4X100 Relay 3200M Run
1600M Run 1600M Relay (4X400)
400M Dash

3200 METER Run may run boys and girls together.
3 Athletes per Running Event, 3 Athletes Per Field, & 1 Relay per Event! PLEASE FOLLOW THIS RULE, WE HAVE A 6 LANE TRACK!!!
Enter Athletes in NO Later than February 14th. NO NEXCEPTIONS!!! MOGO Timing will be timing this meet.

1. All FHSAA rules will be in effect, (no jewelry, shirts tucked in and no foul language)

2. All athletes are to sit on the home to the right side when first walk in. The visitor side will be kept open for spectators. No athletes will be allowed on the field unless they are participating in an event (athletes not in compliance stand a chance of being disqualified). Warm-ups are to take place behind the home stands on the baseball field.

The meet will be scored by the following point system
Individual Scoring 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1
Any questions please contact LeDarius Haggins 863-510-8955