Meet Information

Poinciana Relays
1. Entries will be done online. We open to the first SIXTEEN schools that register for the meet. It's the coach's responsibility to register their team.
2. Entry Fee: $50.00 per team, $90.00 for both teams.
3. Coaches will pick up their packets from the infield at the timing tent. Entry fee will be due at this time or your team will not participate.
4. All running events are randomly put into heats

5. SCORING: All events including relays will be scored 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1
Each athlete will get 3 attempts in the shot put, discus, long jump and high jump
6. We will not have the Triple Jump, Pole Vault at this meet.
1st - 3rd place will be awarded ribbons
-Teams will be award beautiful plaques 1st and 2nd place
8. The meet will be scored on HYTEK, and timed using Eagle Eye Pro 100. Big color results board will be there along with live results.

COACHES MEETING: 3:00pm and events start at 3:30pm

FIELD EVENTS: Only three (3) athletes per field event. Three attempts per athlete.
* Long Jump: Boys, Girls

High Jump: Girls, Boys

* Discus: Boys, Girls

* Shot: Girls, Boys

RUNNING EVENTS: 4 events per athlete
Girls then Boys
* 4X1600 (1600m per leg)

* Shuttle Hurdles

* 4x800

* 4x100

* Distance Medley (400-800-1200-1600)

* Weight Relay (100-100-100-100) Participants must be throwerswill be checked.

* 4x200

* Mile Medley or 1600m Medley (200-200-400-800)

* Sprint Medley (100-100-200-400)

* 4x400

CONTACT INFORMATION: Cathy Esposito... or 419 541 0343