Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

7:30AM - 12:00PM Registration - Packet Pick - Meet Fees are Paid on site

8:00AM Gates Open

8:00AM - 8:30AM Implement Weigh In

8:30 AM Coaches Meeting

9:00 AM National Anthem Song by

9:00 AM Field Event Schedule

Rolling schedule- Round 1,2,3...

Round 1 - Girls Long Jump, Boys High Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus, Girls Pole Vault

Round 2- Girls High Jump, Boys Pole Vault, Boys Long Jump, Boys Shot put, Girls Discus

Round 3 - Girls Triple Jump, Boys Triple Jump, Girls & Boys Javelin - New Event

Running Events

Rolling Schedule

Girls 3,000 Meter Run

Boys 3,000 Meter Run

Elementary Girls 800 Meter Run

Elementary Boys 800 Meter Run

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

Boys 100 Meter Hurdles

Elementary Girls 100 Meter Dash

Elementary Boys 100 Meter Dash

Girls 100 Meter Dash

Boys 100 Meter Dash

Girls 1,500 Meter

Boys 1,500 Meter Run

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay

Girls 400 Meter Dash

Boys 400 Meter Dash

Elementary Girls 400 Meter Dash

Elementary Boys 400 Meter Dash

Girls 200 Meter Hurdles

Boys 200 Meter Hurdles

Girls 800 Meter Run

Boys 800 Meter Run

Elementary Girls 200 Meter

Elementary Boys 200 Meter

Girls 200 Meter Dash

Boys 200 Meter Dash

Elementary Girls 4x100 Meter Relay

Elementary Boys 4x100 Meter Relay

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay Team

Awards & MVP Awards

Schedule subject to change due to weather, etc...

Fees are as follows: $10.00 per athlete

Payments Westminster Christian School for School Teams or Clubs; Individuals pay Cash on Site ADMISSION FEES - SPECTATORS - $5.00 and under 5 years old and under free of charge

ELEMENTARY (1st-5th Grade)FLYRA has added an elementary division, to advance to the FLYRA State Meet. It is an open exhibition with no qualifying performance requirements. Our Regional meet will be a great opportunity to prepare for the State Meet.

Automatic State Qualifying Standards

Any middle school aged Florida athlete achieving the standard below at any meet using fully-automatic timing with professional timing software and equipment will qualify to enter. The meet must send meet results to in Hytek or RaceTab format within 24 hours of the meet.

2018 Qualification Standards:


100m -Girls 13.15 Boys 12.00

200m -Girls 27.00 Boys 24.50

400m -Girls 63.00 Boys 55.50

800m -Girls 2:35.00 Boys 2:18.00

1500m -Girls 5:30.00 Boys 4:50.00

1600m* Girls 5:54.00 Boys 5:10.00

3000m -Girls 12:10.00 Boys 10:50.00

3200m* Girls 13:00.00 Boys 11:38.00

100H -Girls 18.25 Boys 17.00

200H -Girls 32.50 Boys 29.50

300H*Girls 53.00 Boys 45.00

Shot Put -Girls 30-00.00 Boys 39-00.00

Javelin Girls Top 16 Individual Boy Top 16 Individual

Discus -Girls 75-00.00 Boys 105-00.00

Long Jump - Girls 15-06.00 Boys 18-00.00

Triple Jump -Girls 29-00.00 Boys 32-00.00

High Jump - Girls 4-08.00 Boys 5-02.00

Pole Vault -Girls 6-06.00 Boys 7-00.00

4x100m Relay -Girls 54.00 Boys 49.00

4x400m Relay -Girls 4:40.00 Boys 4:00.00

4x800m Relay -Girls 11:30.00 Boys 9:50.00

* = Not contested at state meet, but can be used as qualifier for 1500m, 3000m, or 200H.* = Not contested at state meet, but can be used to qualify for its similar event.
How to Qualify: Hit a Qualifying Standard
We will recognize ANY meet as a qualifier in the 2019 calendar year as long as they have a full-automatic timing (professional service preferred), use Hytek, Meet or RaceTab software for meet management, and get meet results to in a timely fashion. The times must be entered into the MileSplit database to be recognized, please contact us if results have not been added to your athlete profile or you have duplicate profiles that need to merged. There are no place based qualifiers this year.
Throwing Events Implements
Girls Shot Put: 6 pounds
Boys Shot Put: 4 kilograms
Girls/Boys Discus :1 kilogram
Girls/Boys Javelin: Turbo Javelin, MS Girls 400g, MS Boys 500g
The weight should be stamped on the implement and may be weighed at event check-in. Any competitor may use any implement that has been checked in.
Girls 100 Hurdles: 10 hurdles at 30 inches, 13 meters to first hurdle, 8 meters between each hurdle, 15 meters to finish.
Boys 100 Hurdles: 10 hurdles at 33 inches, 13 meters to first hurdle, 8.5 meters between each hurdle, 10.5 meters to finish.
Girls and Boys 200 Hurdles: 5 hurdles at 30 inches, 20 meters to first hurdle, 35 meters between hurdles, 40 meters to finish.