Meet Information

Note: There was a timing error and results do not have times. They are trying to rectify this, but it is uncertain at this point whether they'll be able to be retrieved.


The new course map published yesterday is already obsolete. We are moving the start and finish to the track and field to improve logistics for such a large field of runners.

Team parking will be up at the top of the track and signage will direct you to the appropriate areas. Spectator parking will be allowed in previously restricted areas as well.

I apologize for the sudden change, but we felt that this would improve things for everyone involved. Thanks, Coach Means.

8:00 AM Coaches Meeting
8:30 AM Girls Varsity (only 7 may be entered)
9:15 AM Boys Varsity (only 7 may be entered)
10:00 AM JV Boys (unlimited)
10:05 AM JV Girls (unlimited)

$25 for a single Boys or Girls team, $50 for both, no charge for JV. Payment can be brought to the meet or mailed to:
Mount Dora Bible School
attn: Cross Country
301 W. 13th Ave.
Mt. Dora, FL 32757