Athlete Entries

New Division 1 Boys 5000 Meter Run 179 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cuillo, Ryland Foundation Christian Academy
Riggins, Samuel Foundation Christian Academy
Osterude, Alexander Palm Harbor University HS
Chatman, Noah East Lake HS
Elder, Owen Westlake Christian School
Shah, Neel Carrollwood Day School
Esponilla, Clemente Dunedin HS
Costa, Cristiano Tampa Catholic HS
Eller, Sean Clearwater HS
Vega, Jacob Countryside HS
Siracusa, Luciano Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Schacht, Sebastian Palm Harbor University HS
Amann, Aiden East Lake HS
Nolan, Gavin Tampa Prep
Cullen, Pierce Westlake Christian School
Todd, Reece Carrollwood Day School
Miller, Riley Tampa Catholic HS
Cook, Cameron Clearwater HS
Norton, Zachery Countryside HS
Koletsos, Sean Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Kandy, Emelio Palm Harbor University HS
Hill, Logan East Lake HS
Zyonse, Gavin Tampa Prep
Beach, Oliver Westlake Christian School
Hansen, Christian Carrollwood Day School
Pandey, Joshua Clearwater HS
Rayman-Moore, Cormac Dream Chasers
Brunner, Aiden Countryside HS
Eckardt, Schafer Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Turco, Lance Seminole HS
Ramsey, Kenneth Tarpon Springs HS
Avery, Dalton Palm Harbor University HS
Benincasa, Robert East Lake HS
Fishman, Aryeh Tampa Prep
Hughes, Joshua Westlake Christian School
Olson, Eric Carrollwood Day School
Eide, Joshua Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Binta, Jeff Palm Harbor University HS
Custic, Alan Clearwater HS
Guinther, Aaron Countryside HS
Cosgray, David Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Wandall, Easton Foundation Christian Academy
Laperriere, Keenan Seminole HS
Johnson, Ian Palm Harbor University HS
Bedke, Wyatt Tampa Prep
Orndorf, Wesley Westlake Christian School
VanSteenburg, Kobus Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Patel, Swayam Palm Harbor University HS
Bloznalis, Julius Clearwater HS
Gallaty, Spencer Westlake Christian School
DeLong, Dominic Countryside HS
Moorehead, Cullen Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Sullivan, Jacob Foundation Christian Academy
Boland, Sean Carrollwood Day School
Laue, Ethan Seminole HS
Wilson, Ben Lakeland HS
Keller, Thomas Tampa Prep
Parker, Calvin Westlake Christian School
Petrov, Mikhail Carrollwood Day School
Joseph, Landon Dunedin HS
Hall, Mason Palm Harbor University HS
Rudd, Hakan Westlake Christian School
Zodrow, Andrew Countryside HS
Pelesh, Connor Clearwater Central Catholic HS
OLeary, Maclaine Foundation Christian Academy
Soto, Miguel Foundation Christian Academy
Norris, Micah Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Speed, Tyler Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Heiden, Joseph Westlake Christian School
Kime, Johnathan Carrollwood Day School
Clarke, Javan Dunedin HS
Laue, Conor Seminole HS
Landsman, Jake Tampa Catholic HS
Myers, Austin Lakeland HS
Panagiotopoulos, Niko Westlake Christian School
Huffman, Tyler Countryside HS
Bryant, Malique Foundation Christian Academy
Coston, Drew Foundation Christian Academy
Newell, Jaxon Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Bodolay, Jack Palm Harbor University HS
Braun, Jacob East Lake HS
Wells, Jack Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Baliga, Vikram Carrollwood Day School
Martin, Conner Dunedin HS
Yinging, Ethan Tampa Catholic HS
Aldana, Aiden Lakeland HS
Joos, Noah Foundation Christian Academy
Calderon, Nate Foundation Christian Academy
Willetts, John Palm Harbor University HS
Heid, Nolan East Lake HS
Holloway, David Westlake Christian School
Nelson, Erik Carrollwood Day School
Sutherland, Tyler Dunedin HS
Miller, Dylan Tampa Catholic HS
Farrell, Jayson Clearwater HS
Brames, Max Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Riggins, Jacob Foundation Christian Academy
Alalof, Jacob Palm Harbor University HS
Wright, Chandler East Lake HS
Daniels, John Westlake Christian School
Carreno-Olivo, Eduardo Carrollwood Day School
Fullem, Aidan Dunedin HS
Evans, Will Tampa Catholic HS
Jacek, Kenneth Clearwater HS
Ryabinov, Maxim Countryside HS
Murphy, Patric Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Meurer, Brandon Palm Harbor University HS
Evans, Charles East Lake HS
Nolan, Dylan Tampa Prep
Angelillis, Nels Westlake Christian School
Casey, Carter Carrollwood Day School
Osterberger, Joey Tampa Catholic HS
Keleske, Timothy Clearwater HS
Haist, Lucas Countryside HS
Hagan, Kyran Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Voshelle, Drew Seminole HS
Faler, Scott Palm Harbor University HS
Hogan, Aidan East Lake HS
Rogers, Tyler Tampa Prep
Eckard, Crayton Westlake Christian School
Ragan, Aidan Carrollwood Day School
Mahoney, Brendan Clearwater HS
Sonheim, Stuart Countryside HS
Deputy, Cade Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Mackey, Joseph Foundation Christian Academy
Hollingsworth, Daniel Seminole HS
Proper, Ethan Tarpon Springs HS
Anderson, Brent Palm Harbor University HS
Lima, Nicholas East Lake HS
Morgan, Daniel Tampa Prep
Skubin, Jack Westlake Christian School
Eide, Jonathan Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Weaver, Lucas Palm Harbor University HS
Hernandez-Trejo, Arturo Clearwater HS
Tyson, Ryan Rampello K-8 School
Guinther, Troy Countryside HS
Stephens, Victor Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Taylor, Gabe Foundation Christian Academy
Blazowski, Evan Carrollwood Day School
Olsen, Blake Seminole HS
Achinger, Nate Lakeland HS
Bodolay, James Palm Harbor University HS
White, Connor Tampa Prep
Hayes, Jack Westlake Christian School
Matthews, Ryan Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
McCanse, Thad Palm Harbor University HS
Ingeneri, Peter Westlake Christian School
Canete, Joseph Countryside HS
Seidl, Trent Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Salzburg, Nick Foundation Christian Academy
DeAngelis, Ethan Lakeland HS
Davis, Easton Westlake Christian School
Kumbkarni, Rohan Carrollwood Day School
Pimentel, Nicholas Dunedin HS
Cataldo, Shane Seminole HS
Galley, Tyler Palm Harbor University HS
Petty, Connor Westlake Christian School
Patterson, Joshua Countryside HS
Natoce, Douglas Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Marchese, Alyx Foundation Christian Academy
Shiflet, Conner Foundation Christian Academy
Lin, Calvin Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Siracusa, Giovanni Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Colbath, Chase Carrollwood Day School
Theiss, Indigo Dunedin HS
Olsen, Hunter Seminole HS
Gomez, Sebastian Tampa Catholic HS
Fernandez, Colby Lakeland HS
Karuppiah, Ethan Countryside HS
Akel, Aaron Foundation Christian Academy
Ernest, Aiden Foundation Christian Academy
Donald, Aden Palm Harbor University HS
Rodgers, Langdon East Lake HS
Miller, Landon Westlake Christian School
Rifai, Tarek Carrollwood Day School
Howard, Samuel Dunedin HS
Perdomo, Gabriel Tampa Catholic HS
Moody, Connor Lakeland HS
Neal, David Clearwater Central Catholic HS
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New Division 1 Girls 5000 Meter Run 145 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Wandel, Melissa Palm Harbor University HS
Ingraham, Tynia Countryside HS
Phy, Katherine Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Tripp, Lauren Carrollwood Day School
Dericks, Sofie Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Salazar, Valentina Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Rutherford, Maria Countryside HS
Hart, Tyla Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Fornshell, Courtney Clearwater HS
Vaughn, Skylar Seminole HS
Thornton, Haley Palm Harbor University HS
Elder, Aubrey Westlake Christian School
Taylor, Anna Foundation Christian Academy
McCartney, Hannah Carrollwood Day School
Gaffney, Isabel Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Pate, Madison Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Doane, Star Countryside HS
Medina, Jamie Dunedin HS
Haywood, Angelina Seminole HS
Derylo, Diana Palm Harbor University HS
Nicholson, Paige Westlake Christian School
Perez, Lucy Foundation Christian Academy
Sibelle, Kaylee Carrollwood Day School
Grant, Nicole Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Luangsouphom, Tiana Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Cocio, Kayli Countryside HS
Hicks, Jadyn Mei Dunedin HS
Fox, Lauryn Seminole HS
Townsend, Olivia Tampa Catholic HS
Small, Reese Palm Harbor University HS
Meyers, Kyla Westlake Christian School
Rifai, Yasmin Carrollwood Day School
Woodring, Angelina Countryside HS
Burgos, Amanda Foundation Christian Academy
Neylan, Laura Tampa Catholic HS
Rayman-Moore, Isolde Dream Chasers
Phillips, Leila Palm Harbor University HS
Meaney, Erin Carrollwood Day School
Ramsey, Katelyn Tarpon Springs HS
Jackson, Nicole Countryside HS
Taniel, Christina East Lake HS
Rodriguez, Kaileen Foundation Christian Academy
Lam, Mandy Tampa Catholic HS
Gallivan, Lee Palm Harbor University HS
Sweet, Cayman Tarpon Springs HS
Wang, Tina Palm Harbor University HS
Rummelhagen, Hannah East Lake HS
Franklin, Olivia Tampa Catholic HS
Armstrong, Katherine Clearwater HS
Elsey, Lauren Palm Harbor University HS
Stanley, Caitlin Carrollwood Day School
Moore, Eva Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Sinz, Katie Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Conte, Chloe Countryside HS
Stanford, Harmoni Palm Harbor University HS
Dieffenthaller, Cecila East Lake HS
Manning, Madeline Palm Harbor University HS
Weible, Lydia Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Miller, Claire Carrollwood Day School
Spoor, Maria Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Hailes, Breanna Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Bowers, Kayla Countryside HS
Shackelford, Kori Clearwater HS
Kranias, Christina Palm Harbor University HS
Galiano, Vanessa East Lake HS
Nagy, Emma Westlake Christian School
Plankey, Alexia Seminole HS
Whittaker, Miranda Palm Harbor University HS
Tellez, Daniela Countryside HS
Sramek, Ashley Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Ravo, Bella Carrollwood Day School
Osypka, Grace Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Livingston, Finley Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Shackton, Samantha Countryside HS
Wrzeshiewski, Sara Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Lopez, Lauren Clearwater HS
Narcisi, Amelia Seminole HS
Densmore, Ellen Palm Harbor University HS
Valby, Parker East Lake HS
Evans, Marlee Westlake Christian School
McCartney, Sarah Carrollwood Day School
Carlson, Skyler Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Smith, Danielle Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Patel, Aneri Countryside HS
White, Sarah Clearwater HS
Repka, Katherine Seminole HS
Parvizi, Caitlin Palm Harbor University HS
Johnston, Ava Westlake Christian School
Scheirer, Kaitlin Foundation Christian Academy
Texter, Rylee Carrollwood Day School
Brames, Lily Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Newman, Kaitlyn Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
DePual, Emma Countryside HS
Aruca, Alexis Dunedin HS
Joyner, Erin Seminole HS
Utegaard, Karissa Palm Harbor University HS
Meyers, Ainsley Westlake Christian School
Liriano, Lindsay Foundation Christian Academy
King, Ceniya Carrollwood Day School
Pawloski, Isabella Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Ahmed, Amirah Countryside HS
Porter, Shea Dunedin HS
Pemberton, Kelsey Seminole HS
Heitler, Michaela Tampa Catholic HS
Smith, Josie Dream Chasers
Reagan, Rachael Palm Harbor University HS
Miniati, Maddie Carrollwood Day School
Rodriquez, Sarah Countryside HS
Harris, Sara Lee Foundation Christian Academy
Cureton, Grace Tampa Catholic HS
Lawrence, Jennifer Palm Harbor University HS
Barrentine, Gracie Tarpon Springs HS
Sherman, Anna East Lake HS
Quinn, Mae Foundation Christian Academy
Gross, Alexa Carrollwood Day School
O'Neal, Katherine Tampa Catholic HS
Speranza, Gabrielle Clearwater HS
Francis, Natalie Palm Harbor University HS
Akel, Alma Carrollwood Day School
Weaver, Breana Palm Harbor University HS
Rogers, Haille East Lake HS
Ise, Lindsay Tampa Prep
Zsido, Arielle Tarpon Springs HS
Meyers, Gabrielle Tampa Catholic HS
Fornshell, Lauren Clearwater HS
Beltran, Lorena Palm Harbor University HS
Zager, Julia Carrollwood Day School
Carson, Allie Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Michaels, Megan Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Morgan, Nicole Countryside HS
Portugal, Anna Palm Harbor University HS
Reuther, Hannah East Lake HS
Olsen, Emma Westlake Christian School
Benjamin, Yuanna Palm Harbor University HS
Weber, Michelle Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Martiner, Emily Carrollwood Day School
Rood, Kristen Clearwater Central Catholic HS
Zuber, Chloe Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Brierly, Victoria Countryside HS
Whittington, Rachel Calvary Christian (Clearwater)
Benjamin, Indya Clearwater HS
Falkner, Adelaide Westlake Christian School
Duford, Mackenzie Seminole HS
Johnson, Grace Palm Harbor University HS
Dara, Danielle East Lake HS
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