Pace Patriot Invitational 2020

Pace, FL
Hosted by Pace HS

Meet Information

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Race Assignments:

Section A: Lexington races (1st & 2nd races) =  7:00 am Girls, then 7:45 am Boys

Choctaw, FWB, Gulf Breeze, Niceville, South Walton.     * Cypress Bay Individual


Section B: Concord races (3rd & 4th races) = 9:00 am Girls, then 9:45 am Boys

Crestview, Navarre, Pace, Paxton, Pensacola


Section C: Saratoga races (5th & 6th races) =11:00 am Girls, then 11:45 am Boys

Baker, Catholic, Rocky Bayou, Washington, West Florida


Section D: Yorktown races (7th & 8th races) =1:00 pm H.S. Girls, then 1:45 pm H.S. Boys

Escambia, Pine Forest, Tate, Trinitas Christian

Pace Patriot Invitational 5k    3 October 2020

Hosted by Pace H.S.

Venue: Pace Cross Country Complex (Sims Middle School & Dixon Intermediate School)

5500 Education Drive, Pace, FL 32571

5k Course: 5000 meters, grass/dirt with some sand areas, very fast, spectator friendly, & plenty of parking


Cost: $50 per gender team (10 runners max) or $100 per school; $5.00 per individual runner

There is an extra charge $25 for JV or B Team per school or $3 per runner in Section D (Yorktown) race since we added a 1st place trophy for each gender team along with 5 place medals for each race!

JV or B teams (up to 10 runners each) will be assigned to Section D (Yorktown) boys & girls races

Entry deadline: 27 September (Sunday) by 5:00 pm so that Hy-Tek scorer can place teams by team speed: Lexington races will comprise fastest 5 girls & 5 boys teams of 5 to 10 runners each ; Concord races with 2nd fastest 5 girls & 5 boys teams of 5 to 10 runners each, etc. through Saratoga & Yorktown team races 

Please make checks payable to:    

          Pace High School Cross Country

          4065 Norris Road   Pace, FL 32571

          PHS # 850-995-3600 

          FAX # 850-995-3612

Awards: for 'all' race sections

5 place medals/ribbons for each gender race (receive behind finish line)

1st place team trophy for each Girls & Boys race

Hy-Tek scoring by Miles & Minutes

Visible race clocks at 1st mile, 2nd mile, & finish line

Packet Pickup: 6:15 am or at coaches meeting 30 minutes before each race section

Schedule: As per Covid-19 protocols & team/runner limitations per race...we've set up 4 race sections of 5 teams each with up to 10 runners max for each team (50 runners per girl's race & 50 per boy's race)

Teams will be placed in each race section according to team 5k average (#1-#5 runners) from previous weeks; The top 5 fastest teams will race in Section A 'Lexington' race, followed by the 2nd 5 fastest teams in Section B 'Concord' races, etc. Each team will be notified 1 week before Patriot Invitational to plan when to arrive 45 minutes before their respective race time

Each race section will have a 2-hour time slot that includes (30 minutes for campsite setup + warm up); 30 minutes for each race with 15 minute window before next race; 30 minutes for camp site clean-up, cool down, & 1st place trophy awarded to winning team for coach to pick up (team picture taken at respective team campsite); top 5 runners medals from each girls & boys race will receive their medal at finish line

Team campsite may remain if school has runners in later race sections (remember: all runners who complete their race must leave race site within 30 minutes)

Runners, Coaches, etc. must wear facial coverings at team camp sites, while waiting in bathroom lines

Coaches need to wear a facial covering while documenting mile splits near other coaches

Spectators are required to wear facial coverings at venue & to remain mindful of 6-foot spatial distancing; Each team's fans are recommended to stay together while watching their teams compete which would help maintain their school's 'safety bubble' as per Covid-19 preventive exposure measures

Spectators are to watch from behind roped-off sections from race course to maintain athlete 'safety bubble' 

The Start line will be extended to provide a team-space bubble before race start

Coaches meeting 30 minutes before each race section

Section A: Lexington races (1st & 2nd races) = 7:00 am Girls, then 7:45 am Boys

Section B: Concord races (3rd & 4th races) = 9:00 am Girls, then 9:45 am Boys

Section C: Saratoga races (5th & 6th races) = 11:00 am Girls, then 11:45 am Boys

Section D: Yorktown races (7th & 8th races) = 1:00 pm H.S. Girls, then 1:45 pm H.S. Boys 

Contact Information:

Meet manager: Scott Denny cell# 850-390-1413; e-mail to:

Team Registration & scoring: Eric Nelson e-mail to:


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