Dueling Summits 2022

Tallahassee, FL

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

ALL FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS MUST REGISTER ON www.directathletics.com .  All other teams (MS and out of state teams) please use this page. 

Date: Saturday, August 27th, 2022

Location: Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park

1775 Miller Landing Road (Gate B)

Tallahassee, Fl. 32312

Schedule of races on Saturday, August 27th:

7:15 AM Community 5K

8:00 AM Girls High School 5K

8:40 AM Boys High School 5K

9:30 AM Girls Middle School Open 3K

9:31 AM Awards (High Schools)

10:00 AM Boys Middle School Open 3K

10:30 AM Awards (Middle Schools)

Registration Deadline is Wednesday, August 24th at 5pm (no race day registration)

Click here to register on Direct Athletics

Unlimited entries per race per team.

*Entry Fees:

High School Teams:

$80.00 per gender

$145.00 for both genders

$15.00 per individual (if team has less than 5)

Middle School Teams:

$50.00 per gender

Free if and only if the MS is on the same campus as a high school participating in the Dueling Summits

$10.00 per individual (if team has less than 5)

Community 5K Registration

$10.00 per individual ($5 Admission + $5 Race)

Email the following information:




to Chris Sumner at LFCSumner3@gmail.com

Make Checks payable to: Maclay School

***Preference is for you to hand deliver the check the day of the meet. Benefits of hand delivery:

1) Save on postage and...the U.S. Postal Service can't lose it

2) If the meet is cancelled due to weather or COVID...20, then you don't have to chase me down for reimbursement

3) If your bus breaks down or does not show up, then you don't have to chase me down for reimbursement

4) If you get lost or miss the start time, then you don't have to chase me down for reimbursement

5) If you decide not to come (because you lost your mind), then you don't have to chase me down for reimbursement.

Please note...If you overpay, then we will consider the excess a donation (thank you).

If for some reason you might enjoy chasing me down and still feel the need to mail the check, then mail it to:

attn: Angie Milford

3737 N Meridian Rd

Tallahassee, Fl. 32312

Team Awards:

Championship Trophies

Individual Awards:

T-shirts (top 25 in HS & MS Races)

T-shirts (top 5 for each gender in the Community 5K)

Admission Charge on Saturday: $5.00 per person

Cadence Running is a Running Store here in Tallahassee. They will have some items for sale during the meet. Feel free to stop by their tent and purchase some running gear.

*5K Course Description

The course is mostly shaded. The terrain is comprised of grass, dirt, and hard packed gravel roads. The first 300m is flat (on grass), followed by 1/2 mile of down hill (200m of dirt road and 600m of grass), followed by 900m of flat (on grass). Runners will then be greeted by a 400m hill (hard-packed gravel). That terrain will continue off of the hill and gradually undulate into the 2 mile mark. About 100m after the 2 mile mark, the runners turn onto a 100m decline of dirt trail followed by undulating terrain (dirt). With 800m left to go, runners are greeted by a 300m hill. The last 380m is on hard packed gravel road.

5K Course Map

3K Course Map

*Directions to Gate B of Phipps Park

From I-10 (East or West): Exit on Thomasville Road (Tallahassee), then follow directions below.

North on Thomasville Road to Maclay Road (About a mile North of I-10). West onto Maclay Road to Meridian Road (just over 2 miles West of Thomasville Rd.), then follow directions below.

North on Meridian Rd to Miller Landing Rd. (About 1 mile). West onto Miller Landing Rd to Gate B entrance (about 1.3 miles West of N. Meridian). Turn left into park onto gravel road (parking will be about a half mile down on the right).