AAU Club Championships: Day 4 Florida Recap

Hi everyone, it’s Denise and I’m back again with the recap for the day. Today was day 4 of the competition, and let me tell you these kids were running! The events that the kids and I competed in today were the 800m run, 200m dash and the 4x100m relay as well as other field events. Day four of the AAU Club Championships started off with the 800m run. The 15, 16, 17 and 18 year old girls really showed out, they ran time that would place extremely high in any class in Florida 1-4A. Here are the Top 12 ladies who made the finals:
15 and 16 year old girls
1.       Mikaela Smith
2.       Marielle Lewis
3.       Kristyn Williams
4.       Shiree Hinds (Miami Jackson High School)
5.       Jillian Sloane
6.       Presley Weems
7.       Antwonette Thomas
8.       Areale Frasier
9.       Shain Mallory
10.   Jessica Brinson (Terry Parker High School)
11.   Cheyenne Carter
12.   Tiyera Joseph
17 and 18 year old girls
1.       Kayla Thomas (Stanton Prep)
2.       Tatiyana Caffey
3.       Cheyenne Ponder
4.       Nicole Kurtz
5.       Marina Levine
6.       Tania White (Winter Park High School)
7.       Lawren Wright
8.       Tichina Lewis
9.       Olivia Smith
10.   Marilyn Hawkins
11.   Ashaun Teague
12.   Alexis Metoyer
As for 200m dash, there were 212 heats and it took almost 2 hours to run all of them. All of the girls were running very fast times even with a slight head wind. The 15,16,17 and 18 year olds were all pretty even when it came to the times that were ran. The semifinals are going to be on Saturday with only 3 heats an age group. Now here are the top Floridians that made it to the semifinals:
15 and 16 year old girls
·         Erin Ford (Royal Palm Beach High School) #4
·         Khalifa St Fort (St. Thomas Aquinas) #7
·         Tamani Wilson (Maclay School) #18
·         Jadzia Beasley (Lincoln high School) #19
·         Janaya chambers (Stanton Prep) #24
17 and 18 year old girls
·         Regine Williams (Hallandale High School) #1
·         Deanna Hill (Lake Highland Prep) #3
·         Destiny Washington (West Orange High School) #4
·         Krysten Golden (St. Thomas Aquinas) #7
·         Isabelle Howerton (Weston High School)
Now usually, at this track meet the ladies always the steal the show, but today that wasn’t the case. The high school boys really came out there and said they were ready to compete. The first race of the day was the 800m dash and the slowest time in the 15 and 16 year old age group was 2:07.32; as for the 17 and 18 year olds, the slowest time was 2:02.28. Now remember only 12 boys made it for each age group, and there were multiple heats. It was to the point where it was first and second auto qualified and then the next 4 fastest times get in. Here were the top twelve 15,16,17 and 18 year old boys who made the final on Sunday:
15 and 16 year old boys:
1.       Emare Hogan
2.       Matthew Jones
3.       Amaud Simon
4.       Yohance Haynes (St. Thomas Aquinas)
5.       Courtland White
6.       Dahmir Pearson
7.       Braxton Lindley
8.       Quaseem Wajd
9.       Etienne Adams
10.   Cullen Yancey (West Orange High School)
11.   Michael Rollins
12.   Dwayne Watkins Jr.
17 and 18 year old boys:
1.       Kyler Perrault
2.       Steve StoweIi
3.       Kailon Brealond
4.       Joseph Loyack (Lake Nona High School)
5.       Bryan Kamau
6.       David Bush
7.       Sergeno Rankin (South Plantation)
8.       Andrew Nsuk
9.       Loreno Gordon Jr.
10.   Brandon Bejerano (Westminster Academy)
11.   Olin Pippins
12.   Elias Madrid
After the boys performed so well in the 800m, the boys came and also shut down the competition in the 200m.  In the 15 and 16 year old boy age group there were over 120 boys competing. Then in the 17 and 18 year old age group there were about 130 boys competing. So, when they ran there was no auto qualifier, it was top 24 in the 14+ heats that we ran that day. Here are the top Floridians that made the semifinals:
15 and 16 year old boys:
·         Andrew James (Westminster Academy) #2
·         Jeremiah Brown (Nova High School) #7
17 and 18 year old boys:
·         Kenric Young (Gainesville High School) #1
·         Andre Ewers (Piper High School) #7
·         Devric Foster (Miami Norland High School) #9
This day was the perfect day for competition; here were some standouts in all of thee age groups today.
·         Daishon Spann – 800m dash (2:20.07) 12 years old
·         Sherrise Peterson – 800m dash (2:24.24) 10 years old
·         Jabari Knighten – 800m dash (2:19.86) 11 years old
·         Lucas Bourgoyne – 800m dash (2:14.21) 12 years old
·         Grant Holloway – High Jump (6-07.00) 15-16 years old
·         Willie Reed- High Jump (6-08.00) 17-18 years old
·         Shevon Phipps- High Jump (6-00.00) 17- 18 years old

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