Former State Champ Sarah Spann Launches Healthy Lifestyle Website

Sarah Spann rounded out her high school running career with a cross country state championship. She signed with the University of Florida, but decided running wasn't in the cards shortly after she arrived on the Gainesville campus. The former Ft. Myers star says she was always interested in living a healthy lifestyle. Recently, she decided to start a website entitled which focuses on fitness and nutrition.

"With the time I wasn't spending running, I decided to create a website at the beginning of this year for all my healthified recipes and kitchen creations I've come up with. I also include a couple workouts here and there as a retired competitive runner with a more weight focused workout."

She began experimenting in the kitchen with healthy meal ideas so she could reach her potential as an athlete. She doesn't have a favorite recipe, but she says her most recent kick has been with homemade nut butters including her Pumpkin Pie Walnut Butter and her healthy version of nutella,  called "Not-tella". The Gator sophomore hopes that by incorporating her recipes as well as health advice it will lead her on the path to becoming a dietician. She says the great thing about the site is that the website doesn't cater to anyone specifically. 

"Even though my website has many healthy recipes, it's overall focus is living a healthy life, which includes diet, fitness, and just life in general. I want to reach out to the community around me in all areas, so I can not only help them eat healthy, but live a genuine healthy life. I think the only way to do that is to share my personal journey as well."

The site has already attracted over 13,000 followers via Instagram since its launch earlier this spring. Spann adds whether you are just old enough to understand the concepts of healthy eating, or an adult wanting new ideas, the website has already gotten great feedback from all ages including college athletes have reached out via email wanting personal health advice to achieve their goals. For Spann, it's a start of what she hopes is a career in the industry.

"My goal is ultimately to turn this into my career. I want to love what I do every day, and this is what I love. For now, I'm just following my passion and having fun as I share recipes and workouts. But in the future once I am officially a registered dietician, I would love to be able to offer professional health advice and offer personal meal plans for all."

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