In Her Own Words: Alexa Cruz - State Recap & Look Ahead

Hey Flrunners! It's been a while since my last blog, but it's just been such a crazy two weeks that I haven't had time to do anything. I hope everyone ended their season with some PR's and great finishes at the state meet. Great job to everyone who ran, whether for your team or as an individual!  Now, let's get started. 
Coming into the race, I was really nervous and excited. The bus ride to Tallahassee relaxed me a little and I just had a good time with my team. Countless games of Catch Phrase helped lighten whatever pressure and nerves I was feeling. My goals for the meet were to win as a team, to try to break 18, and to try to win as an individual. As I was standing on the line, all my nerves instantly left. For this race, I just took it out and tried to keep that pace. I ended up winning individually which was cool! Besides that, it was such an eventful and momentous day for STA. The STA girls team took home our second state championship! I was (and still am) super proud of all my girls. They all went out there and gave it 110%. I love you girls so much and am glad to have run with all of you.
The boys STA team also had a great day. They took home their first state championship! Way to go boys! You all worked hard and proved that you had what it took to win. A very special shout out to STA's Manny Velasquez  for getting fourth place individually in the 4A boys race. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end the season. Congratulations to all the other teams who won, as well as the individuals! You all killed it out there! 
I'd also like to thank my coach, Coach Butler, for everything that she does. Thank you for all the encouragement, motivation, for believing in us, and for the countless workouts and practices. You really are the best coach ever!
I've been blessed with such a fun and great season so far, but it isn't over yet. Some of my teammates and I are actually going to Footlocker. I'm so excited and can't wait. Good luck to anyone running any postseason meets. To anyone whose season is done, rest up and get pumped for track. Once again, I'd like to give Flrunners a big thank you for letting me blog this season. It was such a great experience and so much fun! Thank you so much. Well, I guess I'll see everyone during track, bye for now! Happy Running! 

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