In Perfect Balance - Gayles Twins Finish Careers on High Note

The Gayles twins have made names for themselves in their high school careers. As they both head off to Stanford this fall, they could not have asked for a much better send off. Last week at regionals, Daryth set the national mark in the long jump, going 20-0 at Leto High School in Tampa. Gayles did not reach her mark from last week in the wet conditions at The University of North Florida in Jacksonville but she did win the event with a jump of 19-2.5. Gayles also was runner-up in the 100m in 12.16. Both Daryth and twin sister Gabrielle teamed up to help the girls 4x100m relay take first place in 49.04. Gabrielle, or Gaby also went out on a high note, winning the 400m in 54.60 and taking second in the 200m in 24.50. Flrunners caught up with the twins after the meet and their first place team title introduction.

Flrunners: How did it shake out who would run which events?

Daryth: Basically, Gaby has more endurance. In elementary school she would beat me in the mile. In seventh grade, she started running the 400 and I started doing the 100m and ling jump. At Holy Trinity in seventh grade is when I first tried a long jump. I stuck with it.

Flrunners: You're both going to Stanford. What influenced the decision to stick together in college?

Gabrielle: We didn't know if it was going to stick at first but it's been nice being with her all the time. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Flrunners: What did you like about Stanford?

Daryth: They had a great academic program as well as an athletic program. It was the best of both worlds; a perfect balance.

Flrunners: Who won all the races when you were kids?

Gabrielle: I was faster when we were little, short and long distance.

Daryth: Yeah, and I was really upset about that.

Flrunners: What was the most memorable moment in your high school track career?

Daryth: State meets. Winning as a team, being at the state meet up on the podium.

Gabrielle: Same for me, the state meet but kind of the whole year, the way it just comes together…in perfect balance.

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