Autumn Bartlett's Summer Training Log: Summer Runs in the Sun

(Photo By Donald Lamb)

Hey Flrunners! With less than a week left of my summer I realize how close the start of the cross country season is. I really have taken my training to a new level by logging more than three times last year's miles and adding core, swim, and circuit training. Here is an overview of my training schedule.

Weeks 1-3: 20-25 mi.

Monday- (hard) 5-6 mi
Tuesday- (moderate) 4-6 mi + gym
Wednesday-(easy) 4 mi + (easy) swim
Thursday- (tempo) 3 mi + gym
Friday- (easy) 2-4 mi 
Saturday- long run + long bike ride
Sunday- (slow) 1-2 mi OR complete rest

Weeks 4-6: 25-30 mi

Monday- (moderate/hard) 5-6 mi + gym
Tuesday- (hard) 5-6 mi 
Wednesday- (moderate) 4-5 mi + (hard) swim
Thursday- (easy) 4 mi
Friday- (moderate) 3-4 mi + gym 
Saturday- long run 7 mi + long bike ride
Sunday- (recovery) 2.5-3 mi +bike ride

Weeks 7-8: 26-35

Monday- (moderate/hard) 4-5 mi + gym
Tuesday- (hard) 4-6 mi
Wednesday- (easy) 5-6 mi
Thursday- (moderate) 3-4 + (harder) swim 
Friday- (easy) 3-4 mi
Saturday- 5-7 mi run
Sunday- (recovery) 3 mi + bike ride

Weeks 9-Present: 36-45

Monday- (hard) 5-6 mi
Tuesday- (moderate) 6-7 mi
Wednesday- (moderate) 6-7 mi
Thursday- (easy) 3-4 mi + (hard) swim
Friday- (moderate) 5-6 mi + gym 
Saturday- long run 7-8 mi + bike ride
Sunday- (recovery) 2-4 mi 

I really enjoyed my training this off season. Not only did I run the local central Florida trails, I had the opportunity to run New Jersey parks, the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, the trails of Summerland Key, and Seminole Trails running camp. I'm extremely excited for the first meet of the season and look forward to putting my hard work into action.

"You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through."   --Rosalynn Carter