Florida Trio Leads Southern Cal To NCAA Team Title

One of the greatest NCAA Championships in recent years came down to the final race on the women's side. Georgia was in the lead with 52 points, followed by Stanford with 51. Southern Cal sat in third with 43 points. The only way they could win the team title was to dethrone NCAA leaders Kentucky and pick up the necessary ten points.It helped that the Trojans had one of the fastest quarter-milers in the country in St. Thomas Aquinas Kendall Ellis on the anchor leg. Lake Highland Prep alum Deanna Hill passed the stick off in fourth place and a botched handoff made it even harder for Ellis. Ellis ran down the anchor for Purdue to give the team the 4x4 and overall championship. It's a race that still gives me goosebumps as I see the replays.

Ellis scored eight more points for the ladies of Troy with a runner-up performance in the 400. Hill, a fellow senior was 7th in the 100 and in the 200m and part of the third place 4x100m relay team.

Freshman Twanisha Terry ended her spectacular season with a third place showing in the 100 and as a member of the 4x100m relay team. Terry set the freshman and school record by running 10.99 earlier in the year and was also a member of the school's record setting relay. 

So next time you see Southern Cal and the words national champions next to their name, it wouldn't have been possible without some big time contributions from some Sunshine State standouts.