Week In Review: Preseason Jamborees

Mitchell Curtis, Jesse Benavides, and Tanner Rosolino battle to get to the finish line at the Cecil Field Pre-season classic. We breakdown the preseason classics and jamborees all across the state plus results and coverage in our week in review. 

Featured Meets

Cecil Field Pre-Season Classic

New World Golf Jacksonville, FL
August 17, 2017
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Cecil Field Pre-Season Classic by Cedric Gillette


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Forte, Curtis Conquer Muddy Conditions At Cecil Field

Results Merge From Pre-Season XC Scrimmage Weekend

Check Out Video Coverage From Cecil Field & Wickham Park!

Virtual Meet Preview: Cecil Field Pre-Season Classic

Elite Performances

Girls (13)
5000 Meter Run19:21.00Gianna ForteBishop Snyder HS
5000 Meter Run20:19.00Claire McDonnellFather Lopez Catholic HS
5000 Meter Run20:20.00Hannah JacobbeCreekside HS
5000 Meter Run20:29.00Mary PeckFather Lopez Catholic HS
5000 Meter Run20:41.00Lauren BolnickCreekside HS
5000 Meter Run20:43.00Blake PetrickCreekside HS
5000 Meter Run20:51.00Viola BarquillaFletcher HS
5000 Meter Run20:54.00Kate OverbyFletcher HS
5000 Meter Run20:55.00Zosia YurkiewiczFather Lopez Catholic HS
5000 Meter Run20:57.00Megan GraserCreekside HS
5000 Meter Run21:01.00Alyssa WyattMandarin HS
5000 Meter Run21:27.00Emily JacksonSt. Joseph Academy
5000 Meter Run21:30.00Rhiannon O'DonnellFletcher HS

Boys (11)
5000 Meter Run16:38.00Gabriel CurtisMount Dora Christian Academy (Bible)
5000 Meter Run16:45.00John BearOrange Park HS
5000 Meter Run16:46.00Kameron WallizadaFleming Island HS
5000 Meter Run17:11.00Jackson PruimMount Dora Christian Academy (Bible)
5000 Meter Run17:30.00Mitchell CurtisMount Dora Christian Academy (Bible)
5000 Meter Run17:30.00Jesse BenavidesCreekside HS
5000 Meter Run17:31.00Tanner RosolinoFather Lopez Catholic HS
5000 Meter Run17:38.00Will LivesayFleming Island HS
5000 Meter Run17:40.00Cole HeegMandarin HS
5000 Meter Run17:41.00Preston RoseCreekside HS
5000 Meter Run17:42.00Spencer LeeCreekside HS

Wickham Park Jamboree

Wickham Park Melbourne, FL 
August 18, 2018
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Featured Video Coverage From Wickham Park Jamboree


Castillo, Montague Fast Showing At Wickham Park Jamboree

Wickham Park All-Time List

Elite Performances

Girls (15)
5000 Meter Run19:36.00Billie CastilloTitusville HS
5000 Meter Run19:36.00Margaret WardRockledge HS
5000 Meter Run19:59.00Moriah RossViera HS
5000 Meter Run20:06.00Paige JazsczakTitusville HS
5000 Meter Run20:08.00Marie GroppelSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run20:09.00Isabella BabiloniaViera HS
5000 Meter Run20:11.00Magnolia LakeRockledge HS
5000 Meter Run20:13.00Riley JazsczakTitusville HS
5000 Meter Run20:36.00Abigail BakerViera HS
5000 Meter Run20:59.00Julia LavradorSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run21:05.00Kamari DawnRockledge HS
5000 Meter Run21:06.00Abigail LakeRockledge HS
5000 Meter Run21:10.00Kaitlin BraswellRockledge HS
5000 Meter Run21:17.00Brooke SiviterViera HS
5000 Meter Run21:26.00Xoe BergmanSatellite High School

Boys (21)
5000 Meter Run16:01.00Gabriel MontagueSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run16:24.00Anderson DentonLake Wales HS
5000 Meter Run16:25.00Justin WilsonSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run16:27.00Gavin O'BrienAstronaut HS
5000 Meter Run16:30.00Josh SternSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run16:39.00Troy SmithRockledge HS
5000 Meter Run16:52.00Mac UpdikeLake Wales HS
5000 Meter Run16:55.00Simon DeVossAstronaut HS
5000 Meter Run16:58.00Josh KraverEdgewood MS/HS
5000 Meter Run17:02.00Billy BuntinMartin County HS
5000 Meter Run17:04.00Timothy MaynardAstronaut HS
5000 Meter Run17:11.00Nathaniel BasfordSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run17:25.00Kobe ThompsonSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run17:32.00Brayden CheekWest Shore HS
5000 Meter Run17:32.00Michael HoldenLake Wales HS
5000 Meter Run17:37.00Logan KrausMelbourne HS
5000 Meter Run17:39.00Luke DickinsonSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run17:39.00Ryan ZiskinderMartin County HS
5000 Meter Run17:40.00Andrew InocencioRockledge HS
5000 Meter Run17:43.00Walker CumminsSatellite High School
5000 Meter Run17:44.00Christian CampsWest Shore HS

More Meets

Roaring Tiger Jamboree

Palmetto High School Palmetto, FL
August 18, 2018
Full Results

Photo Album

Roaring Tiger Jamboree by Tom and Matt Connor

Mike Gibson Summertime Run

Lake Mary HS, Lake Mary FL
August 18,2018
Full Results

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
5000 Meter Run19:18.16Ashley KlingenbergLake Brantley HS
5000 Meter Run19:53.44Caroline WellsWinter Springs HS
5000 Meter Run20:13.26Chloe HydeLake Brantley HS
5000 Meter Run20:17.29Halie JenkinsLake Brantley HS

Girls (4)
5000 Meter Run17:22.93Angel ViciosoOviedo HS
5000 Meter Run17:23.00Kayamo GallowayOviedo HS
5000 Meter Run17:23.69Mamush GallowayOviedo HS
5000 Meter Run17:26.96Trent ShacklesordLake Brantley HS

Lake Louisa Preseason Classic

Lake Louisa State Park Clermont, FL
August 18,2018
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Elite Performances

Girls (3)
5000 Meter Run19:39.00Cadi RoweLake Minneola HS
5000 Meter Run20:33.20Ellie KunzeLake Minneola HS
5000 Meter Run21:20.40Ariana JimenezApopka HS

Boys (8)
5000 Meter Run16:22.40Brady ZimmermanGeorge Jenkins HS
5000 Meter Run16:39.20Nicholas MillerWest Orange HS
5000 Meter Run16:54.90Onix OrtizWindermere High School
5000 Meter Run17:04.60Troy O'TooleOlympia HS
5000 Meter Run17:25.70Alexander CroySouth Lake HS
5000 Meter Run17:29.50Noah EllenbackWindermere High School
5000 Meter Run17:30.80Nicholas KhanWest Orange HS
5000 Meter Run17:43.40Mason TaylorWindermere High School

Buccaneer XC Jamboree

Gulf High School New Port Richey, FL
August 18,2018
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Elite Performances

Girls (6)
5000 Meter Run19:11.10Liina WinbornSunlake HS
5000 Meter Run20:22.50Sarah MageeGeorge M. Steinbrenner HS
5000 Meter Run20:23.20Meadow MillettMitchell HS
5000 Meter Run20:23.90Shannon GordySunlake HS
5000 Meter Run21:19.80Alexandra StraumannGeorge M. Steinbrenner HS
5000 Meter Run21:20.80Ashley SpiresSunlake HS

Boys (1)
5000 Meter Run17:13.00John JessupGulf HS

Archbishop McCarthy Preseason Meet 

Archbishop McCarthy High Southwest Ranches, FL
August 18,2018
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Miller Landing Madness

Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park Tallahassee, FL
August 18,2018
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