Without Limits: Running With Danny Quesada

As Steve Prefontaine once said, 'To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.' 

And for Danny Quesada, sacrificing his gift -- his love for running -- is not an option. 

Quesada started his high school running career for Christopher Columbus High School in Miami back in 2015 under Coach Eric Pino. At a very young age, the Columbus senior was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease that impacts the lungs often resulting in frequent life threatening infections. 

Quesada never let his disease impact his fire for the sport. 

When CF sidelined him from his junior cross country season, Coach Pino and the Christopher Columbus cross country staff named him as an assistant coach for the team -- a role Quesada, now "Coach DQ," has shined in. 

"I know people are obsessed with PR's and the fastest of the fast, but our sport is special because of the sheer amount of kids that participate and the hurdles they've overcome," Coach Pino said. 

Coach DQ shines on the Columbus team, in the south Florida area, state wide in the Florida running community, and beyond as he fights for a cure. Quesada's commitment to the sport has never wavered -- his dedication to showing his peers how to overcome daily obstacles is inspiring and is what our sport is all about. 

CCNN Live - Christopher Columbus High School's news network feature on "Coach DQ"

Quesada's CF has progressed and his family has begun the process to be listed for a double lung transplant as he continues to fight this hard battle and run with endurance through adversity. 

The transplant process is not an easy journey, but Coach DQ demonstrates his strength through it all. As a high school senior, Quesada has so many goals that he is on track to achieving -- graduating high school and heading off to college.

With the support of his family and friends, the Running With Danny community is fighting and raising money every year to find a cure for Quesada and so many others with CF. 

Quesada refuses to sacrifice his gift -- his love for the sport. He lives without limits and pursues greatness so that others may have the strength to follow.

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