Weekend Rundown: Vanderbilt, Sam Burley MS Invite, and More!

A group of Floridians traveled to Vanderbilt University for the Music City Indoor Invitational this past weekend. Among the elite performances was a distance showdown. Rylee Pustilnik of Spanish River HS ran both the mile and two mile, clocking a 5:18 and 11:18 for the distances. There was also a strong showing in the triple jump and high jump with South Walton's Alex Kilpatrick going 1.94m (6-4.25) in the high jump and Cedric Johnson going 13.46m (44-2) in the triple jump. 

Here is this weekend's rundown.

Featured Meets

Music City HS Indoor Invitational

Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN
Feb 2, 2019
1,197 Total Performances (22 FL)

Photo Albums (1)

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
800mF 1 1st2:22.74Patasha Bryan
South Walton HS
MileF 1 7th5:18.37Rylee Pustilnik
Spanish River HS
MileF 1 2nd5:30.88Heidi Scali
South Walton HS
2MileF 1 7th11:18.34Rylee Pustilnik
Spanish River HS
PentathlonF 1 2nd3340

Holly Cassels

Dwyer HS

Boys (6)
800mF 1 4th1:56.48brandon phillipsSouth Walton HS
800mF 1 17th1:59.97jacob D'AleoSouth Walton HS
MileF 1 23rd4:35.42jacob D'AleoSouth Walton HS
MileF 1 2nd4:37.74William BradyBolles HS
HJF 1 2nd6-4.25Alex KilpatrickSouth Walton HS
TJF 1 7th44-2Cedric Johnson JrEmpire Athletics

Miami-Dade MS Championship Qualifier

Traz Powell Stadium - MDC North Miami, FL
Feb 2, 2019
727 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (27)
100mF 1 1st12.74Somiyah BraggsRichmond Heights MS
100mF 1 1st12.85Cynteria JamesRichmond Heights MS
100mF 1 2nd13.14KESHAY DAVISMiami Palmetto Middle School
200mF 1 1st26.99SHANAII GAMBLESouth Dade Middle School
200mF 1 2nd27.32Shakynah TresvantHighland Oaks Middle School
200mF 1 1st27.46COURTNEY GREENMiami Palmetto Middle School
400mF 1 1st56.82Cha'iel JohnsonHighland Oaks Middle School
400mF 1 2nd58.22Somiyah BraggsRichmond Heights MS
400mF 1 3rd1:00.11Damaria GreenNorland Middle School
400mF 1 1st1:00.99COURTNEY GREENMiami Palmetto Middle School
400mF 1 2nd1:02.08Cynteria JamesRichmond Heights MS
800mF 2 1st2:22.77Cha'iel JohnsonHighland Oaks Middle School
800mF 2 2nd2:30.91Emma HencockArvida MS
800mF 2 3rd2:33.04Damaria GreenNorland Middle School
800mF 2 4th2:39.31Isabella MartyJorge Mas Canosa Middle School
1600mF 1 1st5:24.90Emma HencockArvida MS
1600mF 1 2nd5:47.25Olivia RodriguezAir Base K-8 Center
1600mF 1 3rd5:55.86Alyssa TorrechJorge Mas Canosa Middle School
1600mF 1 1st5:57.92Valeria CastilloG. W. Carver Middle School
4x100mF 1 1st53.08Highland Oaks Middle School
4x400mF 1 1st4:27.84Highland Oaks Middle School
4x800mF 1 1st11:20.30Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School
HJF 1 2nd4-6Shakynah TresvantHighland Oaks Middle School
HJF 1 1st4-10SHANAII GAMBLESouth Dade Middle School
LJF 1 1st17-1SHANAII GAMBLESouth Dade Middle School
TJF 1 2nd29-0Briana PrinceHighland Oaks Middle School
TJF 1 1st35-8.5Shakynah TresvantHighland Oaks Middle School
Boys (26)
100mF 1 1st11.83Javari McNealMadison Middle School
200mF 1 1st23.81Javari McNealMadison Middle School
200mF 1 2nd24.46Paul NicholsNorth County K-8 Center
200mF 5 3rd24.47John KentCharles R. Drew Middle School
400mF 1 1st53.49John KentCharles R. Drew Middle School
400mF 1 2nd54.77jimmy SauvagereNorland Middle School
400mF 1 1st55.77Durian MossRichmond Heights MS
800mF 2 1st2:10.14John KentCharles R. Drew Middle School
800mF 2 2nd2:14.23Alejandro IsazaJorge Mas Canosa Middle School
800mF 2 3rd2:16.98Lucas OliveiraAmmons Middle School
800mF 1 4th2:17.95Bryan VarelaAmmons Middle School
1600mF 1 1st4:53.24Alejandro IsazaJorge Mas Canosa Middle School
1600mF 1 2nd4:54.30Marc DabbyG. W. Carver Middle School
1600mF 1 3rd5:08.11Ryan SarafogluG. W. Carver Middle School
4x100mF 1 1st47.46Madison Middle School
4x100mF 1 2nd48.37North County K-8 Center
4x400mF 1 1st3:57.70Highland Oaks Middle School
4x800mF 1 1st9:43.82Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School
4x800mF 1 2nd9:47.17North County K-8 Center
HJF 1 1st5-0Raynard ConleyNorth County K-8 Center
HJF 1 1st5-0Paul NicholsNorth County K-8 Center
HJF 1 2nd5-0Tyler SmikleHighland Oaks Middle School
TJF 1 2nd37-4O'neal WebbHighland Oaks Middle School
TJF 1 1st40-8Jamari HollimanHighland Oaks Middle School
SF 1 2nd41-0Jayden MilfortNorth Miami Middle School
SF 1 1st43-1Tyler BeauliereHighland Oaks Middle School

Sam Burley Foundation MS Invitational

Southridge Park Track Miami, FL
Jan 30, 2019
660 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (29)
100mF 1 1st12.62Cynteria JamesRichmond Heights MS
100mF 1 2nd12.69Somiyah BraggsRichmond Heights MS
100mF 1 3rd13.10KESHAY DAVISMiami Palmetto Middle School
200mF 1 1st25.11Cynteria JamesRichmond Heights MS
200mF 1 2nd25.31Somiyah BraggsRichmond Heights MS
200mF 1 3rd26.09COURTNEY GREENMiami Palmetto Middle School
400mF 1 1st1:00.13COURTNEY GREENMiami Palmetto Middle School
400mF 1 2nd1:00.13Cynteria JamesRichmond Heights MS
400mF 1 3rd1:03.52Erin ZephirinRedland MS
800mF 2 1st2:29.81Cha'iel JohnsonHighland Oaks Middle School
800mF 2 2nd2:38.71Olivia RodriguezAir Base K-8 Center
800mF 2 3rd2:39.92KATHLEEN SERIGMiami Palmetto Middle School
1600mF 1 1st5:50.02Olivia RodriguezAir Base K-8 Center
1600mF 1 2nd5:58.40Alyssa TorrechJorge Mas Canosa Middle School
4x100mF 3 1st51.17Richmond Heights MS
4x100mF 3 2nd52.23Miami Palmetto Middle School
4x100mF 1 3rd52.96Ammons Middle School
4x400mF 2 1st4:14.16Richmond Heights MS
4x400mF 2 2nd4:20.31Highland Oaks Middle School
4x400mF 2 3rd4:35.81Miami Palmetto Middle School
4x400mF 1 4th4:37.90Ammons Middle School
4x800mF 1 1st11:00.49Richmond Heights MS
4x800mF 1 2nd11:13.15Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School
4x800mF 1 3rd11:29.14Highland Oaks Middle School
HJF 1 2nd4-6Shakynah TresvantHighland Oaks Middle School
HJF 1 1st4-7SHANAII GAMBLESouth Dade Middle School
LJF 1 1st15-11SHANAII GAMBLESouth Dade Middle School
TJF 1 2nd28-11.5Briana PrinceHighland Oaks Middle School
TJF 1 1st32-9.25Shakynah TresvantHighland Oaks Middle School
Boys (24)
100mF 3 1st11.83Jahval KingAndover Middle School
200mF 1 1st24.05Durian MossRichmond Heights MS
400mF 6 1st53.79John KentCharles R. Drew Middle School
400mF 1 2nd55.93Durian MossRichmond Heights MS
400mF 1 3rd56.00Tyler SmikleHighland Oaks Middle School
800mF 2 1st2:13.30John KentCharles R. Drew Middle School
800mF 3 2nd2:17.35Jonathan RuiziMater Prep Academy
800mF 3 3rd2:17.85Lucas OliveiraAmmons Middle School
1600mF 2 1st4:56.39Ryan SarafogluG. W. Carver Middle School
1600mF 2 2nd4:58.39Marc DabbyG. W. Carver Middle School
4x100mF 3 1st48.61North County K-8 Center
4x100mF 3 2nd48.91Madison Middle School
4x400mF 2 1st3:57.07Highland Oaks Middle School
4x800mF 1 1st9:39.77Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School
4x800mF 1 2nd9:43.81Highland Oaks Middle School
4x800mF 1 3rd9:44.03Ammons Middle School
HJF 1 2nd5-0Tyler SmikleHighland Oaks Middle School
HJF 1 1st5-2Paul NicholsNorth County K-8 Center
LJF 1 1st18-4Jamari HollimanHighland Oaks Middle School
TJF 1 3rd34-3.75Anthony MoralesDoral Academy Charter MS
TJF 1 2nd35-1.25O'neal WebbHighland Oaks Middle School
TJF 1 1st37-8Jamari HollimanHighland Oaks Middle School
SF 1 2nd43-6Jayden MilfortNorth Miami Middle School
SF 1 1st45-9Tyler BeauliereHighland Oaks Middle School

ACC All Saints Individual Meet

Holy Rosary - St. Richard Catholic School Miami, fl
Feb 2, 2019
652 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (2)
100mF 1 1st11.90Nicholas AcostaSts. Peter & Paul School
100mF 1 2nd11.95Mervens MilienSt. Mary's Cathedral School
National Gold Elite
National Silver Elite

Performances above met the Florida 2008 Elite Standards standard.