The 2010s: FLRunners All-Decade XC Athletes & Programs

2020 is just weeks away, and the last full decade of cross country has finally come to an end. As we move forward, we take the time to look back at all that has happened over the past ten years. We've selected our picks for the best program, and best seven athletes for each gender based off the consistency in their performances in cross country alone.

Florida has had many talented athletes over the past decade. For perspective, we chose seven athletes out of 400 all-state athletes in the past 10 years.

Note that we based this article on performances from 2010-2019 -- Achievements in track and on the college or professional level were not taken into consideration. Decisions came down to consistency over the entirety of an athlete/program's career, the number of national qualifying performances within the decade, and the number of individual state titles. 

Many great fans of this sport could present arguments for an athlete who is either absent from this list or argue for why one who is present doesn't deserve inclusion. This is a testament to the best quality of Florida's cross country scene -- the depth for both programs and individuals is at an all-time elite level. These decisions were not easy and should be taken lightly. All that said, we here at FLRunners are extremely proud of Florida athletes and teams of the 2010s and we are confident in the selections of our all decade team.