Race Retro: Summerall Kicks To Win Golden South Dream Mile Q

Zach Summerall's 2014 Dream Mile qualifying kick is one for the Golden South books. 

The race that consisted of the top distance athletes from the southeast, with a strong pack featuring Franco Martins and Zach Summerall at the top of the race going through the first 800m in a tactical pace of 2:10. 

Summerall stayed back while Martins took the lead. You can't count out Summerall as he he takes the lead right before the 1200m mark at 3:13. As he took the lead, an official in the stands stated, "Summerall looks like he was shot out of a canon" as he out-kicks the field with 200m to go. 

The Sarasota native won with a time of 4:14.81 and punched his ticket to New York City for the Adidas Dream Mile where he finished 14th with a time of 4:21 

    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Summerall, Zack           11 Sarasota Dis           4:14.81        
  2 Sprague, Austin           12 Unattached             4:15.77        
  3 Martins, Franco           11 Windermere Prep        4:16.95        
  4 Woodrome, Tyler           12 Unattached             4:17.71        
  5 Langston, Zack            12 Unattached             4:18.05        
  6 Linkletter, Rory             Unattached             4:18.62        
  7 Quattlebaum, James        12 Unattached             4:19.27        
  8 Albright, Zachary         12 Unattached             4:19.74        
  9 Capello, Zach             11 Unattached             4:21.05        
 10 Farmer, Kenan             12 Unattached             4:31.53        
 11 Bennett, Tyler            12 Fme                    4:32.96        
 12 Rogers, Jack              11 Robinson HS            4:41.58