FHSAA Board of Directors Meet Again, Discuss Return to Sport


The FHSAA Board of Directors is scheduled to meet Aug. 14 at 10 a.m. to discuss returning to fall sports this 2020 season.

On July 23, the FHSAA Board of Directors voted 11-4 to delay the fall sports season till late Aug., pending competition protocols after a 10-5 vote 72 hours prior to continue with the July 27 start date. 

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Today the Board will discuss, face-to-face, three options for the fall sports season in Florida: Option 1, 3A, and 3B.

Option 1 suggests the start date of practice continues with the Aug. 24 start date with the first date of the regular season on Sept. 4 and provides the opportunity for state series tournaments. 

Option 3A suggests fall sports be divided up into three seasons with a delayed start date for cross country to November 30 and a state series potentially in January. 

Option 3B suggests, at the recommendation of the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, that cross country be included in the first season round of fall sports with the first date of practice on Oct. 12 with a state series in December. 

This is a developing story with updates to come after the meeting. 

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