Amber Schulz Shares Her Running Journey With Thousands

Timber creek junior Amber Schulz is no stranger to the spotlight. 

The sub 18-minute cross country state medalist can be found at any meet with several young runners asking to get photos with her and tell her how she's making an impact on their own running story. 

See, Schulz is pretty much an Instagram celebrity in the running community. 

The 16-year-old has an Instagram following of over 35 thousand runners around the world -- all eager to watch her journey from afar. 

From healthy recipes, gym workouts, mental health advocacy and running updates -- Schulz seems to share it all. 

The most vulnerable thing she's shared with her ever-growing audience thus far? Her journey fighting an eating disorder. 

"It definitely took me a long time to be able to be open about it," Schulz said after a second place finish at the FLRunners Invitational. "The amount of people that come to me and tell me that I help them, that's what really makes it so amazing, because I can help so many others who go through the same thing." 

Bringing attention to fueling your body properly is important for Schulz as she confronts her eating disorder one day at a time. 

"In previous years, I've struggled with an eating disorder. It's a really wide issue that isn't talked about enough. I just want to bring attention to that," Schulz said. 

While she's sharing the vulnerable details of her running story, she also remembers to highlight the positives of the sport -- spotlighting her Timber Creek's goals of making it to the state championship this year, and learning to enjoy every moment that the sport has to offer. 

"We really want to go to state. Every year we are getting closer and closer as a team. I can say this year we are the closest we've ever been and we are having so much fun!" Schulz said post race. 

Schulz raced her way to an 18:33 second place finish at the Invitational on a hot and humid Holloway Park course this weekend. In a few days, she will line up at the Apalachee Regional Park course at the FSU (Pre-State) Invitational. She holds an ARP personal record of 17:56 that she ran last season to finish fourth overall in the 4A cross country state meet

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