WATCH: 6 Go Sub-9:20 at Satellite 3200m Track Meet

Six boys went sub 9:20 for the 3200m distance on Saturday night at the Set Goals Not Limits 3200m track meet. 

Led by Satellite High School's Gabriel Montague and Joe Wester, the field brought a total of 12 boys under 10-minutes on a hot and humid October night. 

Lots of big PR's to note here, but also important to note that Satellite had all of their top seven sub 9:57 -- averaging a 9:27 overall for their top five. 

1Gabriel Montague12Satellite High School9:07.784
2Joe Wester12Satellite High School9:09.694
3Michael Fiore12Genesis Athletics9:13.564
4Anderson Ball12Nease HS9:14.024
5Matthew Mule'12Saint Andrew's HS9:14.594
6Wynne Thomas12HB Plant HS9:16.794
7Josh Stern12Satellite High School9:21.384
8Justin Wilson11Satellite High School9:29.734