Florida Athletes Show Out at VA Showcase

Florida athletes brought their a-game this weekend at the VA Showcase. With several of the state's top ranked outdoor athletes competing this weekend, we caught a glimpse of what the 2021 outdoor season will look like in a few weeks. 

Among the top girl performers this week were Eddiyah Frye and Lucheyona Weaver who clocked US No. 1 and No. 2 marks in the 55mH going 7.81 and 7.92. Alyssa Jones won the high jump with her 5-8 jump, and the South Dade Express track club took the win in the 4x200m relay with their 1:37.41 performance. For girls distance, Caroline Lehman stole the show with her 10:27 two mile run -- surpassing her 3200m outdoor time by 20 seconds. 

The Florida boys top VA showcase performers featured a US No. 2 all-time 300m win from IMG junior Jaylen Slade, 1:53 US No. 1 800m run from UF commit Samuel Austin, and a dominating finish in the 55mH from Leonard Mustari with his 7.19 performance. South Dade Express' Brandon Pottinger captured the high jump win with a 6-10 mark, while Cole Piotrowski battled in a fight to the line for the 1k victory with a 2:31.21. 

Take a look at all the elite performances from Florida athletes at the VA Showcase.

Elite Performances

Girls (42)
55mF 1 6th7.07Jassani CarterWest Pembroke Pines Optimist Track Club
55mp 18 6th7.06Jassani CarterWest Pembroke Pines Optimist Track Club
55mp 1 8th7.09Hannah DouglasIMG Elite
55mp 19 10th7.16Eddiyah FryeUnattached - FL
55mp 1 11th7.18Cynteria JamesSouth Dade Express Track Club
55mp 20 13th7.24Somiyah BraggsSouth Dade Express Track Club
55mp 12 14th7.26Meara RasulSouth Dade Express Track Club
55mp 3 17th7.29Endeyah LaneUnattached - FL
55mp 8 20th7.33Morgan CrockettUnattached - FL
200mF 5 6th24.47Alyssa JonesSouth Dade Express Track Club
200mF 6 8th24.70Jassani CarterWest Pembroke Pines Optimist Track Club
200mF 2 9th24.77Cynteria JamesSouth Dade Express Track Club
200mF 2 15th25.12Somiyah BraggsSouth Dade Express Track Club
300mF 4 2nd39.01Hannah DouglasIMG Elite
300mF 8 1st39.69Jassani CarterWest Pembroke Pines Optimist Track Club
300mF 2 3rd39.96Cha'iel JohnsonFLYTAF
500mF 2 3rd1:15.12Cha'iel JohnsonFLYTAF
500mF 16 8th1:18.15Jaden FrancisIMG Elite
500mF 1 10th1:19.48Emilia PuskasIMG Elite
500mF 13 14th1:19.55Sara OiIMG Elite
1000mF 1 5th2:54.93Carly McNattIMG Elite
1000mF 4 19th3:09.77Kate DrummondUnattached - FL
1000mF 5 21st3:09.96Allison DrummondUnattached - FL
3200mF 6 2nd10:45.42Carly McNattIMG Elite
3200mF 3 35th11:46.13Kate DrummondUnattached - FL
2MileF 1 7th10:27.16Caroline LehmanUnattached - FL
55HF 1 1st7.81Eddiyah FryeUnattached - FL
55HF 1 2nd7.92Lucheyona WeaverDunbar HS
55Hp 4 3rd8.09Lucheyona WeaverDunbar HS
55Hp 8 6th8.13Eddiyah FryeUnattached - FL
55Hp 10 49th8.95Trinity AdamsDunbar HS
55Hp 11 50th8.99Paris BakerUnattached - FL
4x200mF 2 1st1:37.41South Dade Express Track Club
4x200mF 1 3rd1:40.88IMG Elite
4x400mF 1 4th3:51.14IMG Elite
4x400mF 2 7th3:57.92South Dade Express Track Club
HJF 1 6th5-4Natalia MadisonUnattached - FL
HJF 1 1st5-8Alyssa JonesSouth Dade Express Track Club
LJF 5 17th17-4.75Brianna RawlingsIMG Elite
LJF 1 4th19-2Eddiyah FryeUnattached - FL
TJF 3 2nd38-5.75Natalia MadisonUnattached - FL
PVF 1 2nd11-6Natalia IllievaIMG Elite
Boys (38)
55mp 13 4th6.38Jaylen SladeIMG Elite
55mp 15 14th6.56Ethan ExilhommeUnattached - FL
55mp 11 21st6.60Aaron BellTop End TC
55mp 17 22nd6.61Shamar MorganUnattached - FL
55mp 15 35th6.68Obinna OkoliIMG Elite
55mp 8 36th6.70Lebron WilliamsSouth Dade Express Track Club
55mp 19 42nd6.73Jaiden ReedUnattached - FL
300mF 6 1st32.77Jaylen SladeIMG Elite
300mF 5 8th34.57Aaron BellTop End TC
300mF 1 9th34.80Mekhi GammonsUnattached - FL
300mF 3 1st34.82Adam LandenIMG Elite
500mF 2 2nd1:02.67Ashton SchwartzmanIMG Elite
500mF 1 5th1:04.80Samuel AustinUnattached - FL
500mF 1 10th1:06.39Mekhi GammonsUnattached - FL
500mF 15 13th1:07.84Kenton KirklandTop End TC
500mF 12 16th1:08.01Isaac CarneyIMG Elite
800mF 1 1st1:53.30Samuel AustinUnattached - FL
1000mF 1 1st2:31.21Cole PiotrowskiIMG Elite
1000mF 9 7th2:38.11Vince MwangiIMG Elite
1600mF 9 53rd4:39.45Alex WeekesIMG Elite
MileF 1 6th4:17.45Gabriel MontagueUnattached - FL
MileF 1 8th4:21.94Joe WesterUnattached - FL
MileF 1 14th4:34.63Justin WilsonUnattached - FL
3200mF 5 51st10:01.87Alex WeekesIMG Elite
55HF 1 1st7.19Leonard MustariDunbar HS
55HF 1 3rd7.41Jerry PhilippePlantation HEAT
55Hp 7 1st7.21Leonard MustariDunbar HS
55Hp 6 2nd7.32Jerry PhilippePlantation HEAT
55Hp 4 9th7.59Desmyn McCallTop End TC
55Hp 11 13th7.64Ethan ExilhommeUnattached - FL
55Hp 11 20th7.81Claude CampbellFLYTAF
4x200mF 2 3rd1:28.88IMG Elite
4x400mF 1 1st3:16.98IMG Elite
4x800mF 1 1st7:56.03Satellite TC
HJF 1 1st6-10Brandon PottingerSouth Dade Express Track Club
LJF 4 1st22-5.25Claude Campbell
LJF 1 5th23-2Kyvon TathamWest Pembroke Pines Optimist Track Club
LJF 1 2nd23-11.5Leonard MustariDunbar HS
PVF 1 5th13-0Jason Olivera JrUnattached - FL