Heat Sheets & Estimated Schedule: Golden South Series #1

Below can find current heat sheets as well as an estimated time schedule guide for approximately when your race could go off at Golden South Series #1. We are operating on a rolling time schedule, but will not try to run off the meet super fast but efficient to allow for athletes to recover for their next races.

Golden South Series #1 Meet Program

Estimated Time Schedule

5:30 PM Girls 100m Hurdles

5:40 PM Boys 110m Hurdles

5:50 PM Girls 100m Dash

6:00 PM Boys 100m Dash

6:15 PM Girls Mile Run

6:25 PM Boys Mile Run

6:45 PM Girls 400m Dash

7:00 PM Boys 400m Dash

7:30 PM Girls 300m Hurdles

7:40 PM Boys 300m Hurdles

7:45 PM Girls 800m Run

7:50 PM Boys 800m Run

8:00 PM Girls 200m Dash

8:15 PM Boys 200m Dash

8:30 PM Girls Two Mile Run

8:45 PM Boys Two Mile Run

9:00 PM Meet Finish