4th Grade Runner Chase Holloway In Race Against Leukemia

Among the over 2,000 runners qualified to compete this past weekend at the FLYRA Middle & Elementary School State Champs this past weekend in Lakeland, one special young runner was noticeably missing. 4th grader and AAU National medalist Chase Holloway of the Hillsborough Harriers did not compete.

Chase didn't race at Holloway Park because instead, he was in the hospital receiving treatment for leukemia, which he was just diagnosed with last week.

Not to be forgotten by his teammates and coaches, his squad raced this weekend wearing orange ribbons and #ChaseStrong bracelets to honor him in his absence while getting leukemia treatment.

We chatted with Chase while back home now for time being after spending the last week in the hospital for testing, treatment, and recovery. Not only an excellent youth runner, but Chase is also clearly an enthusiastic fan of the sport, loves following times and rankings in the sport, and even has some role models at the high school and pro-level including state record holder Rheinhardt Harrison and Olympian and NCAA champion Cole Hocker. 

Keep the young man in your thoughts and prayers. More to come on Chase and we might be reaching out to some of the top high school runners on a special project.