Top Seeded Florida Athletes at RunningLane

Creekside sophomore Alyson Johnson leads a contingent of Florida runners who are headed to the 2024 RunningLane Track Championships in Huntsville this weekend.  Last weekend Johnson repeated as the 4A Girls State Champion in the 1600 (4:53.34) and the 3200 (10:30.08).  She has PR's of 4:50.96 in the 1600m and 10:23.73 in the 3200.

Florida's Top-Seeded Entries at the RunningLane Track Championships

Girls 3200m

Alyson Johnson 10th 0:10:21

Sydney Johnson 8th 0:10:36

Avery Hartley 7th 0:10:36

Margaret Bartlow 11th 0:10:42

Mackenzie De Lisle 11th 0:10:44

Caroline Couch 10th 0:10:44

Addison Boyer 12th 0:10:48

Boys 3200m

Jonathan Leon 12th 0:08:55

Liam Jordan 11th 0:09:02

Graham Myers 12th 0:09:03

Parker Adams 11th 0:09:04

Gino Palazzolo 11th 0:09:13

Dylan Torres 12th 0:09:30 

Girls Mile

Alyson Johnson 10th 0:04:50

Mackenzie De Lisle 11th 0:04:59

Sydney Johnson 8th 0:05:00

Avery Hartley 7th 0:05:03

Elle Mehltretter 12th 0:05:06

Boys Mile

Evan Fleming 12th 0:04:12

Andrew Beroset 9th 0:04:14

Graham Myers 12th 0:04:15

Jonathan Leon 12th 0:04:16

Parker Adams 11th 0:04:17

Liam Jordan 11th 0:04:17

Gino Palazzolo 11th 0:04:18

Dylan Torres 12th 0:04:19

Girls 800m

Aurora Bertelsen Del Solar 10th 0:02:12

Caroline Couch 10th 0:02:22

Cameron Bruce 10th 0:02:23

Boys 800m

Jonah Kirspel 12th 0:01:50

Tanner Andrade-Brinsko 11th 0:01:52

Evan Fleming 12th 0:01:52

Boys 2000m Steeplechase

Seamus Hodge 12th