FSU Relays: High School Friday Highlights

Thanks to Doctor Bob for streaming this live, which many of us here got the benefit to watch who couldn't be there!


Boys 3200

Let's cut right to the chase, the second heat of the Boys 3200 was the most anticipated showdown of the night.  And it certainly lived up to the expectations.  Matt Mizereck (Leon) didn't waste any time taking the lead, taking a tight back through the mile in 4:33 with splits of 69-2:17-3:26 along the way.  Jimmy Clark of Creekside had been on his shoulder up until that point, and then just after the mile mark he took the lead. 

Mizereck stayed just a step behind and settled in there.  Erick Montoya (Estero) and Colin Barker (Bishop Kenny) held on to the third and fourth positions, respectively, through all of this time.  The whole pack through had very little separation through lap five, as Clark continued to lead.

It looked like a waiting game of who would be the first to try to make a move above the already quick pace and who would be able to respond.  With two laps to go they had dropped just slightly off pace with a 6:55 split and Mizereck retook the lead.  He wasn't let loose and Clark, Montoya, Colin Barker, Brian Atkinson, and the rest of the top ten stuck together in a tight back headed into the bell lap.

Colin Barker was visibly getting a little ansy and you could tell he was ready to make a move, starting to come up along the outside.  They were at 8:03 with a lap to go and Barker came up around and moved himself into second place, behind Mizereck.  The negative splitting of the last two laps started to fractice the cohesive ten-pack and just past the 20 mark it was clear that it was going to be Barker and Mizereck battling for who had the best closing kick.

Remember both of these guys in cross country showed patience and closed hard during the final run to the finish to overtake their opponents.  Now we got to see the battle of the kickers!  Around the turn and with about 80 meters go to Barker moved into a slight lead and it looked like he might get a few steps, but Mizereck hung tough.  And headed down to the finish Mizereck made up the small gap inch by inch before finally getting a step and a lean on Barker in the final 10 or 15 meters of the race. 

The exciting finish not only lead Mizereck and Barker to times of 9:02.87 and 9:03.03, but lead a host of others to top times.  Michael Wallace started making a strong kick to pick through the pack with about 300 meters to go and that earned him third place in 9:06.22 with Jimmy Clark holding on to fourth in 9:06.26.

Montoya and Mark Parrish (Chamberlain) also earned sub 9:10 performance, with Phil Duncan (Boone), Elliot Clemente (Belen Jesuit), Novian Middleton (Dr. Phillips), and Brian Atkinson (Melbourne) being the rest of that impressive ten-pack finishing under 9:20.


Event 42  Boys 3200 Meter Run
 Meet Record: M 9:06.78  2009        Derek Wehunt, Sickles High School          
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points         
  1 Mizereck, Matt               Leon                   9:02.87M  10            
  2 Barker, Colin                Bishop Kenny           9:03.03M   8            
  3 Wallace, Michael             Bishop Kenny           9:06.22M   6            
  4 Clark, Jimmy                 Creekside              9:06.26M   5            
  5 Montoya, Erick               Estero                 9:08.81    4            
  6 Parrish, Mark                Chamberlain            9:09.26    3            
  7 Duncan, Phil                 Boone                  9:11.31    2            
  8 Clemente, Elliot             Belen Jesuit Prep      9:11.95    1            
  9 middleton, novian            Dr. Phillips           9:15.56                 
 10 Atkinson, Brian              Melbourne              9:17.15                 
 11 Kotick, Jacob                Pensacola Wa           9:30.77                 
 12 Stanford, Will               Leon                   9:31.69                 
 13 Cabrera, Dominick            Miami Columbus         9:32.95                 
 14 Arechabala, Eduardo          Miami Columbus         9:35.81                 
 15 Doherty, Riley               Leon                   9:36.93                 
 16 Swain, Patrick               Maclay                 9:37.60                 
 17 Dechellis, Daniel            Lake Brantley          9:41.50                 
 18 Mund, Alex                   Dr. Phillips           9:42.68                 
 19 Duclos, Dieumy               Godby                  9:44.06                 
 20 Greathouse, Tyler            Berkeley Prep          9:44.47                 
 21 Lindsay, Joe                 Belen Jesuit Prep      9:45.32                 
 22 Stafford, Ryan               Fort Myers             9:45.75                 
 23 Robeson, Brad                Douglas                9:49.35                 
 24 Bordelon, Ian                Pensacola Wa           9:54.12                 
 25 Dunn, Mathew                 Unattached             9:54.58                 
 26 Lingerfelt, Branden          Chiles                 9:58.32                 
 27 Riggs, Jason                 Niceville              9:58.82                 
 28 Dearmon, Jake                Fort Walton Beach     10:07.03                 
 29 Matney, Jalen                Lake Brantley         10:24.64                 
 30 Ammons, Sam                  Fort Walton Beach     10:25.47  

Girls 3200

The solid field took off and quickly to the front sprung Courtney Filliben (Lourdes) in her standard style to see who would have the courage to go with her.  The answer was not surprising as favorites Shelby Hayes (Winter Park) and Jana Stolting (Maclay) followed her closely.  The three pack went through 400 in 76 seconds and 2:36 for 800, with Stolting taking over the lead.

By the mile mark, Stolting and Hayes where all alone with a good 15 second gap to third place--their split was around 5:16.  Stolting got some breathing room with a solid surge around lap 5 or 6.  She held that lead through the finish with a new PR of 10:41.54, with Hayes finishing about 12 seconds back for second.

Ft. Walton Beach

It was a good day for the men of Ft. Walton Beach.  After being the first relay team to break 8 minutes in the 4x800 in Florida by beating out Lake Brantley 7:57 to 8:01, they came back to show their stuff at the open 800 race as well.  Matt Bevill and Simon Lawrence of FWB finished 1-2 in 1:53 and 1:54 respectively.

Kayla Parker

The multi-event star and prolific state medalist Kayla Parker of Port St. Joe did Friday what she does best... winning multiple golds.  She started the day taking the long jump title in 18-9.  That evening she ran an even more impressive 14.23 (wind legal) to win the 100H in dominant form.  That is a new personal best by about a tenth of a second for the senior who has committed to the University of Kentucky.

Pablo Alvarez

The Belen Jesuit senior knocked this one out of the park.... he improved his PR from 14.16 to a meet record 13.84 to win the 110 Hurdles by a full half second margin.  That mark puts him as the state leader this year and the third fastest time in the nation so far this spring.


Other Highlights

- Mario Hooks of Melbourne wins big in a meet record 6-10.25 high jump.


- Bishop Kenny girls rewrite the state leader list with a meet record and state leading time of 9:31.02.  Lourdes finished second nine seconds back.


- Elizabeth Ichite of Florida High won the 400 meters with a fantastic and also meet record time of 55.61 over Christine Poole of Godby (56.85)


- Fort Lauderdale girls win the 4x100 in 48.07


- Stephanie Kurgatt of Maclay wins easily in the 800 meters with a time of 2:15.33



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