3A State Meet Twitter Archive


Live tweet of the 3A state meet.



  1. Pine Forrest girls and Charolette boys win team titles
  2. Miami Norland wins 4x400 in 3:14
  3. 2 mile *
  4. Mizereck wins mile in 9:18
  5. With one lap to go Mizereck leads at 8:09
  6. Mizereck takes first mile of 3200 in 4:38
  7. Mizereck takes first lap of 2 mile out at a 69
  8. Donquel Dorsey wins boys 400 with 48.02
  9. Benjamen Mccroy wins mens 200
  10. Latorria Bell beats out Robin Reynolds who cramps up to win in 24.45 in the 200
  11. Matt Bevil wins 800 in 1:52
  12. Pack comes through at 57 in 800
  13. Darroneshia Lott wins girls 800 in 2:12
  14. Live results @ http://bit.ly/3astate
  15. Pablo Alvarez of Belen Jesuit wins mena 300m hurdles
  16. Victoria Abnathy of George Jenkins falls on final hurdles while in the lead of the girl's 300m hurdles, Johna' Whitaker wins in 43.00
  17. With win, Reynolds breaks Miami-Dade record with 7 individual state titles
  18. correction 54.02
  19. Robin Reynolds edges out Gainesville's Gelela Cooley to take 400m title in time of 53.59
  20. Belen Jesuit boys destroy field to take 4x100 title
  21. Pine Forrest wins 4x100
  22. Mizereck finishes mile in 4:15
  23. Robin Reynolds is now two for two after winning long jump 18-10 and 100m 11.73
  24. Mizereck with lead in mile with one lap to go 3:13
  25. Eddie Lovett runs nations best time in 110 hurdles 13.46
  26. FHSAA moved live results here. Here's a short link http://bit.ly/3astate
  27. Oak Ridge Girls miss final hand-off of the prelims of the girl's 4x100.
  28. @dugcov Chiles finished 13th in the 4x800m with 8:10.92
  29. Boys 4x800m Top 10 Results: 1) Charolette 7:44.44 2) FWB 7:50.73 3) Lincoln 7:58.35 4) Miami Jackson 8:00.00 5) Miami Central 8:00.57
  30. 6) Edgewater (Orlando) 8:03.08 7) Hillsborough (Tampa) 8:03.36 8) Armwood 8:03.71 9) Lake Weir 8:03.86 10) Belen Jesuit 8:04.90
  31. Chris is going to head over to get results and tweet top 4x8 results since half mile live results not working. Look for that in a few min
  32. @dugcov didn't know live results wasn't going. Last week was spot on. I'll try to find out about chiles, I don't know their finish.
  33. Those asking about chiles 4x8. Check the live results link. Half mile timing posting them quickly.
  34. Chris Bollinger throws 179ft 8in to take the 3A State Discus Championship
  35. Charlotte 7:44. Fwb 7:50. Lincoln 7:58
  36. Bevil kicking hard but won't be enough. Charlotte wants record
  37. Last lap Charlotte by 50m
  38. Bevil had fwb back in second
  39. 5:45 last exchange. Charlotte by a mile
  40. Fwb in fourth Lincoln in second
  41. Even bevil can't make up this gap
  42. Charlotte big lead. Armwood then fwb
  43. Fwb needs to hold on and not give up ground on this leg if they want hope
  44. Charlotte lead on second exchange. Feb now second
  45. Fwb moved up into third
  46. Fwb is in last but moving
  47. 1:52 first leg for charlotte
  48. Simon luc Lawrence is second leg for fwb
  49. Charlotte has opened a 16m lead into first exchange.
  50. Charlotte. Edgewater at lap one
  51. At the break it is Charlotte.
  52. Fast heat is starting. This is going to be awesome! We've been waiting for this showdown for two months!
  53. Central wins in 8:00.
  54. Oviedo. Central. Ida baker. Bell lap of boys 4x800 heat 1
  55. Pine forest wins. In 923. Ft. Myers. Lakewood ranch.
  56. Pine forest. Gainesville. Ft Walton. Bell lap
  57. Pine forest. Ft myers. Gainesville. On second exchange.
  58. Norland now leads on first exchange 2:22
  59. 1:08 split. Lakewood ranch with thei star freshman leads
  60. Girls 4x8 heat 2 is off. Lakewood ranch leads with ft myers in second. -Jason
  61. Couldn't stay away... Here for the 4x800s.
  62. Welcome to the live tweet for the fhsaa 3a state meet! Events start at 1pm with a great 4x8 battle!
  63. 3A/4A State Meet Live Coverage http://milespl.it/ptaa0b