Besides the Race... Special Touches FLR 12

So besides all the great runners and great atmosphere the Invitaitonal is just known for being lots of fun. We hook you up with things to do, things to eat, freebies, contests, celebrity guests, etc.

Here's some of the other fun things we've got cooking and our sponsors are doing for you.


Of course we will obviously be selling our t-shirts again this year with the famous colorful array of options. This year they are white, crimson, deep green, and orange. I think our logo is pretty awesome this year too that really depicts the spirit of the course.

Nike's FREE t-shirt customization heat presses are back and once again our t-shirt backs are blank... we left the sponsors off for you to customize! Go to either Nike t-shirt press (one in the Nike big top and the other next to Meet HQ by where you by the meet t-shirts). Let them know the design or phrase you want on them and they'll hook you up.

Graffiti Artist is Back

Last year the graffiti artist was a huge hit. So by popular demand Evan is back this year! He will be there to demonstrate his skills on the canvas, shoes, and other things. You can have him pimp your spikes with one of a kind designs.

Speaking of Pimping Your Spikes... Free Colored Spikes and Laces

Everyone loved this last year also! Buy some new spikes or shoes from the Nike/RunningZone retail area and then go at it at the personalization bar full of crazy colored spikes and laces... all for free. So between this and the graffiti artist and the t-shirt press... we'll you'll just have a total running wardrobe to match your personality!

Free Photos with Custom Backdrop

New this year! Nike will have a green screen and a photographer under the big top. Get a picture taken with you and your friends and then choose a custom background. They will print out and give you a FREE 4x6 full-color copy of the photo on the spot!

Car Trouble? AAA is there to help... FREE!

We brought on AAA South as a new partner this year. They will have one of their service units on the scene. Need a jump start? Get stuck? Overheat? Whatever! If anyone has any car trouble at the meet they will be there to provide you free serivce. SWEET!

Also thanks to the good folks at AAA our start line will be nice looking start line. They are sponsoring this with colored balloon towers on either side that should make for some good contrast in the photos and make the line more visible.

AAA will also have a tent set up with some information and freebies. One of their projects this year is to get you to sign a "I will not text and drive" pledge and they have a novelty thank you prize if you make that commitment. So stop by and see them. Our family are AAA members and have helped us out of a bind quite a few times... in addition to all the travel discounts and freebies we've been hooked up with... well worth the investment for drivers young and old or anyone who goes on regular vacations.

Ever heard of Chia? Yes, like Chia Pet... Drink Chia Water!

If you've read Born to Run then you know what I'm talking about. The ancient secret of native Americans in Mexico is chia seed... an incredible super-food that most don't (yet) know about. Seriously... it's incredibly packed with vitamins, Omega-3, etc... we're going to do a feature on it soon. Anyway... our good buddy Dr. Gideon J. Lewis and his partners started a new company here in Orlando that makes it really easy to get this and get hyrdated at the same time. They have a new product called Drink Chia..... it's flavored Chia Water. It's delicious, I've tried it. They will be there with a tent and handing out free samples so you can check it out yourself. If you're curious, here's their web site.


Our special celebrity guest this year is 2008 Beijing Olympian Christin Wurth-Thomas. She is a professional runner for Nike with some absolutely incredible times... 3:59.89 1500m, 1:59.35 800m, 8:34.79 3000m, and 15:21.35 5K.

She will be speaking on Friday night after the Awards Ceremony. She'll have an autograph session afterwards and on Saturday (check the schedule). Other than that she'll be there to hang out and talk with you. She will be firing the gun at the start of the Race of Champions, judging the dance off, and helping us hand out some awards!  This is your chance to learn from and interact with one of the best womens' 1500 meter runners in the world!

More on Christin Wurth-Thomas

Have a Killer Spring Break with X-Treme Trips

Our friends at X-Treme trips are back helping you plan your incredible spring break trip with your friends. They will have the prize wheel as always that you can spin. And some lucky winners can even win a free trip this spring! Check them out... they are fun people. 

Nike/Running Zone Retail Area

Part of the Nike Big Top will be a dedicated retail area if you want to shop for some of the latest styles and technology of shoes, apparel, and other great stuff. And (as mentioned above) then you can get it personalized by the graffiti artist, color spike/lace bar, and t-shirt heat press.

NXN Information

Think your team might be a contender this year? Nike will have a booth set up with information about NXN and NXN Southeast Regional meet, which will be held in November in North Carolina.

Nike Footwear Trials

They've got some treadmills set up to help analyze your stride and give you a chance to try out some of their shoe models first hand.

Sportwatch GPS Booth

Nike also wants to show off their new Sportwatch GPS technology and has a booth setup up for that.

Snow Cones! Kettle Corn! Drinks! Oh my!

We will have several vendors you have all come to known and love. I actually heard one coach say that his kids refer to our meet as "The Snow Cone Meet" because they love these ice-treats so much. They've got so many flavors, it's crazy and these are not like pre-packaged... they shred the ice in front of you and they are HUGE. So get your snow cones!

Our kettle corn folks are also back and the bags of popped, sweet deliciousness could feed like an entire varsity team. They are monster.

Then we will have the famous Randall Crosby will be there with his concession booth featuring drinks, candy, and snacks.

And finally Titusville High School Project Graduation will be there selling coffee and baked goods.

Mouth watering yet?

Nike Dance-Off is Back

On Saturday morning about 10:55, just before the Award Ceremony get started... we'll again host with Nike the famous Dance-Off. This is basically a spectator sport in and of itself. So even if you don't have the courage to participate, these kids do some crazy awesome dances. Some years we've seen teams come togehter with specially prepared and choreographed line dances, break dances, whatever... it's fun to watch. And Nike along with the Olympic celebrity guest Christin Wurth-Thomas will judge who is the WINNER and present them with a special prize... sometimes this has been shoes or apparel... something you'll like!

Other Nike Craziness

So keep your eyes peeled on the stage, from the nike Big Top, or perched on top of the Nike van or trailer... because they always have something up their sleeve. Spontaneous music may burst out. Crowds spawn in a moment's notice when they start tossing out free goodies and shirts.

We thank Nike for helping us to keep the meet lively and entertaining!

Live Video Stream

For those who can't make the meet... we will have a live video stream running on both days of the meet. Space Coast Sports TV is coming out and building a platform where they'll be able to catch most of the race from start, horseshoe, across the lake and Main Street bridge, and finally dow the finish straight... it's awesome how the course lays out that allows that from one elevanted vantage point.

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