Belen Boys, Ferguson Girls Dominate Jr. Orange Bowl

Photos by John Calderon/FLRUNNERS.COM


Belen Jesuit went 1-2-3-4-6 to dominate the field at Larry & Penny Thompson Park with 16 points and a 16:24 average. The girls side was much similar with 1-3-4-5-6 for 19 points and a 20:19 average for the ladies of Ferguson.

Elliot Clemente started off the scoring as usual for the Wolverines. The senior laid down a 15:54 on the course, which runs quite a bit slower than most in Florida. The normal order of the pack was juggled a bit as senior Fransisco Tejidor was #2 for the team in 16:21, followed by Michael Magoulas (3rd, 16:28), Avery Lopez (normal #2, 4th, 16:36), and Peter Jude (6th, 16:43). Belen Jesuit also had four more in the top 15. And to top it all off, their JV team swept first through thirteenth places!!!

Freshman Kurt Convey of Coral Reef was the only one to interupt the show of force. Convey, the son of Bill Convey (FLYRA president and one of the all-time Florida great distance runners), finished in fifth place with a 16:41.

For the girls, Lauren Gonzalez opened scoring with a first place 19:51 and was followed closely by Maria Balcazar of Carrollton (19:57). Afer that it was a whole lotta Falcons. Ferson took the next five places and placed their seven in the top ten. The 1-5 split of 46 seconds and 19 points says it all.

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