Collier County Championships 2014

Naples, FL
Hosted by Naples HS

Meet Information

***Collier County Public Schools Only ***
Hosted by Naples High School

Teams are allowed 4 athletes per event.

Registration help:

Naples High School will host the CCAC meet this year. In order to make it a successful meet for all involved

we would like to prepare all teams for what to expect on March 18th. We will use for the meet

entries. All teams should already be registered on the site. There will be no substitutions on the day of the

meet, only scratches. Each running event will start with the girls. There will be a 4 Entry Per event limit per


3:00 pm Coaches Meeting (To be held at the finish line)

3:30 pm Field Events Start (See the enclosed map for event locations)

4:00 pm 4x800 Girls followed by Boys

4:45 pm Preliminaries (Starter Nick Hallock)

*Note There will NOT be any 400m preliminary races. The 400 meter dash will be run as finals! No JV mile.

Finals (to start 45 minutes after the end of preliminaries)

Each school is assigned a specific field event. Please make sure you are aware of the responsibility and bring

enough personnel to adequately cover your assigned event. All athletes will get three attempts. NO PRE-LIMS

in Field Events. All attempts are finals.

Girls Long jump followed by girls Triple jump (Lely)

Boys Long jump followed by boys Triple Jump (Immokalee)

Girls High Jump (Naples) South Pit

Boys High Jump (Naples) North Pit

Boy's Shot Put followed by girls shot put (Palmetto Ridge)

Girls Discus followed by boys Discus (Gulf Coast)

Girls Pole Vault followed by boys pole vault (Barron Collier)

4x100 Exchange Zones (Golden Gate)

First call will be made at 3:10 for the following field events:

Boys Shot Put

Girls Discus

Girls High Jump

Girls Pole Vault

Girls Long Jump

Boys Long Jump

General Information

All athletes and coaches must arrive after 2:20 due to school dismissal.

All spectators will be seated on the home side, Teams on the visitor side of the stadium.

Locker rooms will not be available for use by competitors. There are restrooms located near the concession

stands on both the home and visitors side of the stadium. Naples High School is not responsible for any
items left unattended.

No athletes on the SOUTH portion of the field until the DISCUS competition is complete - warm ups can be

done on the north side of the stadium.

Team "camp/set up" will be permitted on the visitor side of the stadium. No tents or athletes allowed in

the Home side of the stadium in front of the press box. Please make sure your areas are clean before you


We will have a trainer on staff located near the finish line at the south end of the stadium.

No substitutions on the day of the meet, scratches only

Jury of Appeals will consist of all schools. The team filing an appeal will not be involved in the decision

making process. NFHS rules will be followed.

Good sportsmanship will be expected from all coaches, athletes and spectators.

There is no smoking or any tobacco products permitted on the NHS campus.

Admission will be $4.00 for adults and $2 for students. FHSAA Coaches Passes will be honored

Running Event check-in will be at the tent at the north end chute area. Field Event check-in will be at each

respective event. Pole Vault Verification sheets are the responsibility of the head coaches. All pole vault

competitors should be properly fitted. Sheets are required to be signed in order for your athletes to compete.

The concession stand will be open.

Please contact Coach Bruland (239) 273-1269 if you have any questions.