Meet Information


7:30 - Girls Relays

8:30 - Boys Relay

9:15 - Open 5k

9:45 - elementary & middle school 1.5 mile

The meet is limited to 8 teams teams per gender due to size of the starting area.


Each school will be allowed to run 5 pairs of athletes in the varsity races. Athletes will take turns running two 1.5 miles loops (athlete A - athlete B - athlete A - athlete B). Athletes will wear hip numbers to ensure that they are passing the baton to the correct team member. Team scores will be calculated on the total time of the schools first 3 finishing teams.


Top 5 pairs as well as the top 2 teams.

Open 5k (jv athletes and parents) and 1.5 mile (middle and elementary) will be run simultaneously after the boys race.


Boys Varsity and JV $75

Girls Varsity and JV $75

Middle school / Open race $5 per athlete (team max $75)

Please make checks payable to Niceville High School