The Edgewater Invitational at Trotters Park Oct 20, 2008

Long before Disney, Benjamin Franklin White, the “Dean of Colt Trainers,” drew crowds of tourists to what was once the largest facility of its kind in the United States. Three tracks, a stable complex, and Pearce’s Dining Room formed the nucleus of a 120 acre trotter park that became the winter home for harness racing and their fans from 1946 until 1978.  This winner of four Hamiltonians (harness racing’s highest honor) even managed to parlay a NASCAR Grand National event on the main oval, further showing that he was a man of vision. Although Ben White died in 1958, his spirit still hovers over Orlando Trotters Park and Ledesma Equestrian Center, as is evidenced by the 1100 human athletes who lined up for the start of the six races that made up this year’s Edgewater Invitational. There is, however, no substantiation of the rumor that old Ben is entombed under the finish line.  

Edgewater Invitational Oct 18, 2008

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