Jax Nitro T&F Special 2021

Jacksonville, FL

Meet Information



Off distance events, mixed gender relays, combined height field event relays, and so much more. The Jax Nitro Track & Field Special is a twist on the traditional track meet format. Based on Athletics Australia and Usain Bolts

Nitro Athletics concept, this track meet focuses on the sports underlying principles of teamwork, power, endurance and technical skill in a fun and exciting way.


$150 for both boys and girls

Please make checks payable to Bishop Kenny HS.


Registration will be through Direct Athletics, by invitation only.




Discus (B then G) - 6 entries

Shot Put (G then B) - 6 entries

Pole Vault (B and G together) - 6 entries

High Jump (B and G together) - 6 entries

Long Jump (G then B) - 6 entries


10:00am - 60m Dash JV Open Run

(FAT but unscored - G then B) - unlimited entries

11:00am - 1600m JV Open Run (FAT but unscored G then B) - unlimited entries

Varsity Races

12:00pm - 60m Dash Varsity Prelim (G then B) - 6 entries

12:30pm - 100m Low Hurdles (G) (run 30" height) - unlimited entries

12:50pm - 110m Intermediate Hurdles (B) (run at 36" height) - unlimited entries

1:10pm - 2400m Distance Medley Relay (mixed G800 - B800 - G400 - B400) - 2 relay team entries

1:30pm - 4x100m Relay (mixed 2G and 2B) - 2 relay team entries

1:45pm - 4x100m Throwers Relay (mixed 2G and 2B) - 1 relay team entry

2:00pm - 600m Run (G then B) - 4 entries

2:20pm - 800m Sprint Medley Relay (mixed G100-G100-B200-B400) - 1 relay team entry

2:30pm - 150m Dash (G then B) - 4 entries

2:50pm - 2000m Run (G then B) - 4 entries


3:15 pm - 60m Dash Finals (G then B) - Top 5 advancing from prelim

3:25 pm - Elimination 1600m Run (G then B) - 4 entries

3:40 pm - 4x400m Relay (mixed 2G then 2B) - 1 relay team entry

4:00pm - Awards - Coaches meet at the High Jump pit to pick up t-shirts



Combined Time Hurdle Relay: The times of each schools top two boys and top two girls hurdlers will be added as a hurdle relay team. The school with the best four person combined time wins the event. Boys and girls will run

separately with the girls running the 100m hurdles on the low 30" height and the boys running the 110m hurdlers on the intermediate 36" height. Only the relay will count towards the schools team score, but teams can score

multiple relays using the 3rd/4th or even 5th/6th best boys and girls.

Elimination 1600m Run: Entries will be limited to boys NO FASTER than 4:45 and girls NO FASTER than 5:40, and boys and girls will run separately. After the first two laps (800m) approximately half the field will be "eliminated" from the race. After three laps (1200m) half of the remaining runners will be "eliminated" and anyone that remains is racing to win!

Mixed Gender Relays: The 4x100, 4x400, SMR and DMR are all mixed gender relays. Teams must comprise of 2 boys and 2 girls. For the SMR and DMR the gender/distance order is fixed. The SMR will run G100-G100-B200-B400. The DMR will run G800-B800-G400-B400. For the 4x100 and 4x400 there is no specified order so create your own tactics!

Combined Height Vertical Jump Relay: The height of each school's best boy and girl pole vaulter and best boy and girl high jumper will be added as a vertical jump relay team. The school with the best four person combined height wins the event. Boys and girls will jump together in both events and only the relay will count towards the schools team score.

Shot Put and Discus Big Throw Competition: This year we will score the throwing events as a normal individual event. Throwers will get 4 throws total and their best mark will determine placing. As a fun after event we will be doing a "big throw" competition where the athletes will get a chance to throw a "light-weight" implement and see how far it goes!

 The Long Jump Accuracy Challenge: The first two jumps of the Long Jump will be regular "for distance" marks. On their third and final attempt, athletes will have the option of taking the "Accuracy Challenge". Prior to their jump, the athlete will announce their predicted distance. There are no fouls in the accuracy challenge, but all distances are measured from the legal attempt board. If the athlete is within 5cm (~2inches) of their predicted distance then 10 points are automatically awarded towards the team total.


Scoring will be a combined gender single team score, and will also be non-traditional.

Individual Running Event Points: 50, 40, 30, 20, 10

Relay Event Points: 100, 80, 60, 40, 20


There will be no ribbons or team trophies instead EVERY team will get a set of unique t-shirts based on their team's overall placing!