Meet Information

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Eastside Track Guidelines and Order of Events

2021 Season

Order of Events:

Field Events: Girls Boys

Discus/High Jump Shot/Long Jump

Shot/Long Jump Discus/High Jump

Running Events:

110 Hurdles


1600 (mile)

4 X 100 relay




800 Medley relay (girls)

4 X 400 relay (boys)

*****Slowest heats are to be run first, followed by the fast heats*****

Rules Clarifications:

Uniforms worn as intended by manufacturer 4-3 art. 1 no knotting of shirts

No headphones, cell phones, or electronics in competitive area

No athletes on the infield warm-up area outside of fence/track only

Starters commands In blocks Take Your Marks, Set, Gun

(2 guns false start) no one in blocks One Whistle, Gun

Starting height High Jump girls 40, boys 46

High Jump at Conference meet 42 girls and 48 boys

Scoring Points for meets NFHS rules books


Host School Responsibilities:

Shot put 4K for boys, 6 LBS for girls

110M Hurdles (5 total per lane) the first one is at 45, then 105, 165, 225, and 285. The last one is 75 from finish (360-285 = 75). Hurdles set to the lowest position.

Discus cage


Heat sheets

Announcer results

Send results to schools involved in your meet, the next day and to Abner Barrios at John Long Middle School who will keep records for the eastside.

Admission $3.00

Eastside Track & Field Agreements:

Sportsmanship Athletes and Coaches All coaches should have high expectations for their students athletes. They represent you, your school, the administration and their parents. Absolutely no foul language, cursing, taunting, or flagrant actions will be tolerated. It is always rewarding to see our athletes congratulating their opponents on a well run race, performance, jump or throw. Please stress sportsmanship in practice.

Coaches must be present during warm-up at field events.

Competitors 3 per event on 6 lane tracks, 4 per event on 8 lane tracks, except for the 800 and 1600.

Meet start times meets begin at 5:30 p.m. with the field events and should be completed by 8:30 p.m.

Safety plan Please make sure you have a Safety Plan for each meet in the event of inclement weather. Each school should have a lightning detector present with them.