Mount Dora Christian Middle School Series #1 2024

Mount Dora, FL

Meet Information


Click on link below if wish to print a PDF for yourself, your team, your parents, etc.


Ziegelhofer, Megan

Thu, Dec 14, 3:53PM (18 hours ago)
to me

A couple of changes for this year. 6 entries per event 2 relay teams can enter as well.

1. We are charging $125.00 now for the meets instead of $100
2. We are going to start the meets ta 4:30PM instead of 4PM to help eliminate the overlap with parking between our teachers and the track meets

Please post the following:

MDCA Middle School Meet Series hosted by Mount Dora Christian Academy. The dates for this Middle School series are Feb 12th, Feb 20th, Feb 26th, and Championship March 4th. Awards will be given out at the championship meet only. You must participate in at least one of the other three meets before the championship.

We will cap this meet at the first 10 teams.The first meet will be at Mount Dora Christian Academy on February 12th.The cost per meet is $125.00 per team.Please send checks to:

Mount Dora Christian Academy

301 W. 13th Avenue,

Mount Dora, FL

OR bring the checks/cash to the meet with you.

Dan Epstein and Freddie and Athletic Scoring Providers will be the timers (automatic timing) for the meet series. Dan and Freddie and Their crew are great at what they do.Please join us! It should be a lot of fun!

We will follow this schedule: 

4:30 PM- 3000m run

SPECIAL NOTE: After 3000 meter run, there will be an open 800.  A running clock will be available.   The open 800 is NOT SCORED.

- Girls Shot

- Boys Discus

- Girls Long Jump

- Boys Long Jump

- Boys and Girls high Jump

- Boys and Girls Triple Jump

- Boys and Girls 600g Javelin Throw. Must have tip on Jav

5:15 PM- 4x800m Relay (then rolling schedule)

- 100m Dash

- 400m Run

- 1500m Run

- 4x100m Relay

- 200m Dash

- 800m Run 

- 4x400m Relay