Prestate Day 2: Ortiz, Arroyo Win Elite Races Oct 15, 2011

  The course known as Little Everglades Ranch is a venue of contradictions. It is known for being difficult with its long incline and yet it’s a fast course. It is spectator friendly, but on the back side there are vast areas of hidden solitude and quiet. It necessitates a certain set of rules that play out like a script time and time again. It is unpredictable because of its predictability.

Ryan Schnulle is back Oct 14, 2011

Recovering from pneumonia, Schnulle is battling back to get into the form he saw last season which put him as one of the top performers in the state.

Rick Moody - Warrior Running Camps Oct 15, 2011

Coach Rick Moody hanging out at the Prestate meet. He is also the coach of Hansen-Brooks South and the team recently added a new athlete to the roster, Jay Lumpkin.