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Saint Petersburg, FL

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4 years ago varsity entries
Hello coach. How many athletes are you allowing in varsity race per team.
5 years ago Green Devil Invitational 2015
What are race times?
6 years ago Green Devil Cross Country Meet 2014
Race times for Thursday? Girls---? Boys--? Are you running jv and varsity races or every...
7 years ago FHSAA 3A District 10 2014
Are there going to be heat sheets posted before the meet on Wednesday
7 years ago Article Comment: 1A Regional Previews/Virtual Meets: Your One Stop Shop
todd--try to click on virtual results. they are coming up blank
7 years ago FHSAA 3A Region 3 2013
@bing28 Coach will the course be available to view on Friday 11/01/13
8 years ago FHSAA 3A Region 3 2013
Coach---Just wondering if elite timing will be putting heat sheets out early or will you be sendi...
8 years ago Dunedin Lightfoot Invitational 2012
Good afternoon coach. Wanting to know what time are all the races going to go off at. Thanks Tim...