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25 days ago S. Johnson 4th at US Championship
Congratulations to Sinclair Johnson for placing fourth in the 1500 at the US Championships! Nicel...
6 months ago Week 3 at Elite Timing and Event Management
@Coach_Hill Link for Bob English for heats is broken
9 months ago FHSAA Reclassification 2019
@southforkrunning I should have clarified a double distinct would be for example a 4A and a 2A d...
9 months ago FHSAA Reclassification 2019
@southforkrunning [quote]1. Teams that should be at the state meet are not advancing based on ou...
9 months ago FHSAA Reclassification 2019
@southforkrunning Wouldn't 2 districts per region cause more travel expenses? I understand 2010 (...
9 months ago Ben Hartvigsen-Scholar (& Great Runner)
@TGrasley @jdpsu I can’t think of any other runner I have worked with that has been on the sam...
11 months ago the condition of the farm
@CoachAnthony It's a no brainer to move it to North Port HS since they have the facilities, expe...
11 months ago the condition of the farm
@coolestname I would recommend emailing Alex from FHSAA. Actually recommend anyone with concerns ...
12 months ago Lemon Bay Results
@wcarunner The times are one below each runner. Brady ran 16:44. Alan Romero ran 17:00. Orlando ...
1 year ago Mile vs 1600 and 2 Mile vs 3200
@deadsnail you answered your own question. Using meteric means using the meteric mile, which is 1...
1 year ago Mile vs 1600 and 2 Mile vs 3200
@mlyons Agreed!!
2 years ago Track Districts
2 years ago XC Team Standings
@coachboza I get the same thing as you if I use Chrome, but Firefox worked fine and just for fun ...
2 years ago Additional 8 "at large" athletes based on regional performances added to top 4 to make states
@LFCSumner3 Obviously everyone across the state gets delayed delay for high winds un...
2 years ago Just Imagine.......
@mbecker All the jumps were positive...
2 years ago Just Imagine.......
@mbecker The wind was consistently from the west which would not hinder the sprints and actuall...
2 years ago Late meets on school nights
Coach Miller and Seminole did a great job!!! The major issue here is location of the schools of ...
2 years ago FHSAA 3A Region 2 2017
@mastersrunr Will the 4x8 be competed with 16 in a race (as they are doing at states) or two se...
2 years ago flrunners 2017
@jason I would hope to see Oct. 14 for FSU to provide some break between UF, Flrunners, FSU
3 years ago State Meet race schedule year to year
@MasTay Next year should be this 1A Girls 2A Girls 1A Boys 2A Boys 3A Girls 4A G...
3 years ago 2 Day Meet
@BConvey With Bradtmueller we were pretty confident in the win going into the 3200 and we were ...
3 years ago State meet parking
@LFCSumner3 If you park off 34th street near 5603 34th St W, Bradenton, FL 34207 Then walk acr...
3 years ago 4A Qualifying
@creesh "KEEP the existing format but ADD in some "at-large" entries based on a very tough Qual...
3 years ago Sport Inequality?
@dddd Money...
3 years ago UF relays
4 years ago IMG Academy Invitational 2016
@lamontethomas What is the cost for individuals?
4 years ago FloSports Saves Golden South Classic
@jason Will Golden South still be an automatic qualifier for dream 100 and mile?
4 years ago Wharton Wildcat Invitational 2016
@CoachAnthony Are individuals available to sign up?
4 years ago Soliciting Input for Upcoming XC Coaches' Advisory Committee Meeting
@CoachRaposo I think he is talking about FSU football...not HS football. Whenever FSU has an aw...
4 years ago Congrats Estero 4x800
In my short time in coaching, the girls 3A 4x800 was one of the most exciting race I have seen! C...
4 years ago Wiregrass Ranch Run with the Bulls Invitational (XC)
@CoachHoward add Sarasota High boys and girls please
4 years ago FSU Relays 2015
4 years ago FLYRA Middle School State Championship 2015
@Coach_Don Do you know how one would go about setting up a FLYRA Southwest or West Regional meet?
5 years ago Coaches Band
Which color is the coaches band? Blue or Green?
5 years ago T-shirts for srq try-county
@knomekasak RHS registered on Monday (Oct. 20). Shirt design had to be sent last Wednesday (Oct. ...
5 years ago 2nd Annual Tri-County XC Championships 2014
@mattinfla The correct course is on the events page. Here is link to the course http://cache.m...
5 years ago Thank you to teams who attend Invitational each year
@jason Sarasota high is very disappointed not able to attend this year but we will definitely be ...
5 years ago Pre State How many
@runbarefoot 10
5 years ago 2nd Annual Tri-County XC Championships 2014
5 years ago Mapping tool?
@schsxccoach you can try google Earth. You can make different colors for each mile.
5 years ago Who will win the Boys Varsity 2014 Ft Myers Optimist Invite Meet?
@Racefan57 no surprise here...congrats Adam! Executed the the plan perfectly!
5 years ago 35th Annual Fort Myers Optimist Invite
@fmrunner Is the course as it was last year or is it where the start is near the finish?
5 years ago 4A Boys Preseason Rankings
@Coach_Fleitas well Coral Reef does have the best 1-2 punch in 4A...arguably Sarasota's Zack and ...
5 years ago What HS in Florida have had the most runners under 10:00 at 3200m including conversations?
Depends how fast you can your VO2 higher if you're a fast talker?
5 years ago 2014 Boys XC Season-Potentially GREAT!
@bama06 no sorry, taking ACT
5 years ago 2014 Boys XC Season-Potentially GREAT!
@BConvey He's running XC
5 years ago 2nd Annual Tri-County XC Championships 2014
@rae5k I will get with LWR and clarify the awards. I assume the cost covers all awards. Thanks
5 years ago "Super" Regionals - Unfair Advantage?
@BConvey The 1600/800 double is hard, 400/800 double is very hard! The 1600 started at 5:30 for o...
5 years ago "Super" Regionals - Unfair Advantage?
I agree that Regional meets need a set schedule and not rolling. The schedule needs to reflect th...
5 years ago 2014 Cross Country District and Regional Weeks
@CoachHoward In the agenda it says that all dates would be moved 1 week later so I assume Regiona...