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2 days ago SPS Invite not FHSAA sanctioned?
Just got sent an email from our district and from the FHSAA that this meet isn’t sanctioned, an...
7 days ago FHSAA Action Item in the Agenda
Reupping this since it's probably going to come up again in the future...but I'm seeing how this ...
14 days ago 300H to 400H
I'm down for the change. Vertical alignment benefits everyone (but I'd also be ok with 1500/3000 ...
14 days ago Course Map
[quote=bemyrick]Is there a course map available? Thanks![/quote] email me kaltenbach.andrew@breva...
16 days ago Forcing XC to DA is Total BS
Any idea on how the five meets are determined? If a kid takes the line but DNFs due to injury, do...
22 days ago Regional Cross Country dates and sites posted
except for 2a R2
22 days ago Astronaut Invitational
check with angobrien@yahoo.com
29 days ago Minimum Meet Requirements
@Coach_JLaFollette oh absolutely. they've always been really good at handling appeals when the ne...
30 days ago Minimum Meet Requirements
My concern at this point is that the current plan is to discuss this at their meeting on 9/24...w...
1 month ago Minimum Meet Requirements
I just sent an email to Alex Ozuna this morning to see if there was any consideration being given...
2 months ago Forcing XC to DA is Total BS
Any updates?
2 months ago Forcing XC to DA is Total BS
How do we download the rosters after we've added the xc kids on directathletics?
3 months ago District and Region qualifying info XC
Did the emails go out to coaches or ADs?
Some of them are still a muddle. Just checked 2a, and there’s a ton of duplicates still.
4 months ago FHSAA Action Item in the Agenda
kicked back to committee for discussion. as the coach of a 2a school who has been reliant on midd...
4 months ago FHSAA Action Item in the Agenda
I feel like the simplest solution is just to count them.
4 months ago FHSAA Action Item in the Agenda
One thing I'm a bit unclear on - is this targeted at 9-12 schools with a specific feeder school(s...
4 months ago FHSAA Classifications
AFAIK they're still working on it for 21-22. Sports declarations were due yesterday to the FHSAA,...
4 months ago minimum meet requirements/state playoff structure/approximate dates
Any ideas as to whether those are going to be reinstated for next fall? state playoffs reverting ...
4 months ago New Class Release date?
[quote=coachbutler]@mbecker Yep, I have a strong feeling I will be making a debut appearance in 3...
4 months ago JT Memorial Meet Director
Is this using just the loops around the fields? Or the course that extends to the East?
5 months ago XC Camp For summer
It's a looooong drive to North GA, but check out Vogel State Park near Blairsville.
5 months ago 2A Region 4 Know your rules
I get restricting the logo and writing on the garments, but can anyone explain why this even need...
5 months ago Last Chance Distance Classic by Set Goals Not Limits
Entry fees per individual/team?
5 months ago FHSAA Board Meeting Agenda
I think all of this opens up a dialogue about many of the inequalities that exist in HS sports, s...
5 months ago Hillsborough County HC Opening(s)
we're always open to new coaches over here on the East coast!
5 months ago 2a Region 2 at Satellite High
set times and not a rolling schedule?
5 months ago FHSAA Board Meeting Agenda
It's also hard when we're in an environment where we have a handful of public schools that are Jr...
6 months ago Qualifying at district but laying off at regionals
I get the rationale behind doing it, but man it’s rough when your relay team misses the fourth ...
6 months ago Question from article about Bell and Harrison
[quote=multijumps]@Coach_JLaFollette I do not think an athlete needs to compete in the event t...
6 months ago XC State Friday November 12th?
@vantheman1984 you're not wrong. we'll get them some LED headlights and taillights and call it good.
6 months ago XC State Friday November 12th?
Seems like it might be a little dark out still.
6 months ago Eligibility
I think fhsaa has it right - let the kids compete.
6 months ago State Schedule
[quote=ERYRC1]@coachbutler 2A state finals at Satellite???? Put it on calendar and they will c...
6 months ago AAU summer track
Or on the East coast.
6 months ago Track the rented mule!
I'd vote on a date in a heartbeat if it meant actually having a date and venue.
7 months ago FHSAA & Directathletics
you'd think for 40 dollars a pop that they're charging for operating costs or whatever that they'...
7 months ago FHSAA & Directathletics
I feel like the website itself is sort of a travesty too, but that's the case with most FHSAA-aff...
7 months ago getting ugly
wait what
7 months ago State Track Meet 2021
As much fun as the prognosticating is, I am going to file this under general grievances with the ...
7 months ago Set Goals Not Limits Distance Showcase March 19
Still planning on having the DMR too, right?
7 months ago 5 meet rule
this email went out to ADs across the state. Bolded parts mine for emphasis. Given all the can...
7 months ago Adair
Only met you once or twice, but thank you for everything you’ve done for this community. You ha...
4 years ago FHSAA 2A District 13 2017
@Coachdeigs running finals begin 1 hour after the last prelim