St. Thomas Aquinas Sit On Top Of Boys Composite Rankings

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St. Thomas Aquinas is the best of our boys teams according to our composite rankings which takes into numerous criteria. If you pull up the XC Team Scores page, you'll see a link to "Composite" scoring. This is a type of scoring that gives a team a rank on a number of different categories, with different weights on each.

XC 5K Team Rank (normal)

XC 5K 1-5 Split

XC 5K 1-5 Average

XC 5K 1-4 Rank (normal)

XC 5K 1-4 Split

XC 5K 1-4 Average

XC 5K 1-3 Split

XC 5K 1-2 Split

(See what the St. Thomas Aquinas boys had to say after their 4A team victory at the 2015 Cross Country Finals as well as the complete coverage from the meet.)

On The Track:

Outdoor 1600m Top 4 (normal)

Outdoor 1600m Top 4 Average

Outdoor 3200m Top 4 (normal)

Outdoor 3200m Top 4 Average

These still includes some of the variables such as what course difficulties bring, if outdoor programs didn't have at least four distance runners and so on but... in the same right it is interesting to look at!

1St. Thomas Aquinas HS (FL)4.56291600m 1-4 Average (4:36.05)
2Chiles HS (FL)6.61235000m 1-4 Gap (57.89)
3Satellite High School (FL)6.761325000m 1-5 Gap (1:26.80)
4Bolles HS (FL)6.842315000m 1-3 Gap (45.85)
5Creekside HS (FL)7.962325000m 1-2 Gap (26.80)
6Bartram Trail HS (FL)9.327285000m 1-2 Gap (18.77)
7Fort Myers HS (FL)10.63315000m 1-4 Gap (1:13.54)
8Trinity Prep (FL)11.11261600m Top 4
9Gulf Coast HS (FL)11.38171600m 1-4 Average (4:41.85)
10George M. Steinbrenner HS(FL)12.76235000m 1-4 Average (17:16.49)
11Belen Jesuit Preparatory School (FL)14.18405000m 1-2 Gap (51.29)
12Pine Crest HS (FL)17.812425000m 1-2 Gap (1:02.39)
13Newsome HS (FL)17.91303200m 1-4 Average (10:35.82)
14Lakewood Ranch HS (FL)18.712365000m 1-2 Gap (37.20)
15Winter Park HS (FL)20.513293200m 1-4 Average (10:35.59)
16Sarasota HS (FL)20.513271600m Top 4
17Wharton HS (FL)23.04355000m 1-5 Gap (1:28.80)
18Gainesville HS (FL)23.77461600m Top 4
19Merritt Island HS (FL)23.91471600m 1-4 Average (4:50.85)
20Viera HS (FL)23.94493200m Top 4
21Naples HS (FL)24.07405000m 1-4 Average (17:29.01)
22HB Plant HS (FL)24.910435000m 1-5 Gap (2:06.00)
23North Port HS (FL)25.45275000m 1-4 Average (17:15.02), Not Enough Data
24Estero HS (FL)25.414455000m 1-3 Gap (1:23.17)
25Leon HS (FL)27.311485000m 1-4 Gap (2:00.50)
26Bishop Kenny HS (FL)27.313465000m 1-3 Gap (1:33.61)
27John A. Ferguson HS (FL)27.619435000m 1-3 Gap (1:11.61)
28Episcopal School of Jacksonville (FL)30.212245000m 1-5 Average (17:26.78), Not Enough Data
29Olympia HS (FL)30.23505000m 1-4 Average (17:44.25)
30Lyman HS (FL)30.316505000m 1-5 Gap (3:22.60)
31Hagerty HS (FL)30.75455000m 1-4 Average (17:33.33)
32Freedom HS (Orlando) (FL)31.413455000m 1-4 Gap (1:53.41), Not Enough Data
33New Smyrna Beach HS (FL)32.415453200m Top 4
34Winter Springs HS (FL)33.28495000m 1-5 Gap (2:28.23), Not Enough Data
35Timber Creek HS (FL)33.526405000m Top 5
36Wiregrass Ranch HS (FL)34.227421600m 1-4 Average (4:50.50)
37Spanish River HS (FL)34.522425000m 1-4 Average (17:30.06)
38Lake Mary HS (FL)3526455000m 1-5 Average (17:49.78)
39Wakulla HS (FL)36.210505000m 1-5 Average (17:54.76)
40Maclay School (FL)36.55501600m Top 4
41West Shore HS (FL)36.830485000m 1-3 Gap (1:37.27), Not Enough Data
42St. Augustine HS (FL)38.324465000m 1-4 Average (17:33.85), Not Enough Data
43Lincoln HS (FL)38.87425000m 1-5 Gap (1:56.50), Not Enough Data
44Mandarin HS (FL)38.820505000m Top 5, Not Enough Data
45Dr. Phillips HS (FL)39.829445000m 1-5 Gap (2:07.09), Not Enough Data
46Coral Reef HS (FL)40.616441600m Top 4, Not Enough Data
47East Lake HS (FL)4118443200m 1-4 Average (10:46.98), Not Enough Data
48Bloomingdale HS (FL)41.16451600m 1-4 Average (4:50.77), Not Enough Data
49Lake Highland Prep HS (FL)44.417483200m 1-4 Average (10:50.04), Not Enough Data