Road To State: 2A Girls Virtual Meet

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FSU High School senior and Southern Miss signee Adriana Mitchell is ranked first in the triple jump with a mark of 38'6 and third in the triple jump at 18'1.25". Can she sweep the jumps? We look at which 2A girls individuals and teams have the best shot at making state and winning titles.

Ransom Everglades senior Debbie Ajagbe posted a US#1 167'9 discus throw recently at the Belen Quad meet.

100 Meter Dash

1Briana Williams2020Chaminade-Madonna College Prep11.66 10
2Aniya Harper2020Westside High School11.68 8
3Jazmyn Smith2018Gulliver Prep HS11.92 6
4KaTia Seymour2017Palatka HS11.97 4.5
4Sarah Wollaston2017Somerset Academy11.97 4.5
6Jada Williams2017Westside High School11.99 3
7Morgan Rhett2019American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)12.01 2
8Jamesha Moorer2018Lakewood HS12.07 1
9Terriana Smith2019Rockledge HS12.18 0
10Jacquell Lewis2020Florida High School12.20 --
10Kerra Williams2018Hallandale HS12.20 --
12Myrka Cadet2021American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)12.23 --
13Shakera Thompson2018Lakewood HS12.25 --
14Maiah Walker2018Lake Wales HS12.27 --
15Denise White2019Bay HS12.30 --
16Jada James2017American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)12.35 --
--Jamaya Brown2018Westside High School12.58 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Danielle Bess2020American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)24.24 10
2Jazmyn Smith2018Gulliver Prep HS24.43 8
3Maiah Walker2018Lake Wales HS24.62 6
4Jada Williams2017Westside High School24.66 5
5Briana Williams2020Chaminade-Madonna College Prep24.73 4
6Aniya Harper2020Westside High School24.75 3
7Destiny Charles2019Cocoa HS24.77 2
8Sarah Wollaston2017Somerset Academy24.87 1
9Myrka Cadet2021American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)24.92 --
10Morgan Rhett2019American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)25.08 --
11Ma'Asa Gay2018Wakulla HS25.16 --
12Mone't Bowen2018Bolles HS25.23 --
13Jamesha Moorer2018Lakewood HS25.27 --
14Denise White2019Bay HS25.29 --
15Vanessa Nocent2018Suncoast HS25.33 --
16Jayla Brown2018Westside High School25.39 --
--Jamaya Brown2018Westside High School25.63 --
--Kori Collins2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)25.71 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Maiah Walker2018Lake Wales HS54.65 10
2Danielle Bess2020American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)56.13 8
3Jatana Folston2019Ransom Everglades School56.52 6
4Mone't Bowen2018Bolles HS56.92 5
5Caitlin Collier2018Bolles HS56.99 4
6Kenya Thompson2021American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)57.32 3
7Sydney McGinley2018Hallandale HS57.52 2
8Destiny Charles2019Cocoa HS57.63 1
9Ma'Asa Gay2018Wakulla HS57.96 --
10Latasha Smith2019Suncoast HS57.97 --
11Erykah Jerome2017Tampa Jefferson HS58.59 --
12Christen McCann2021Lincoln Park Academy HS58.79 --
13Akyrah O'Banner2020Godby HS58.85 --
14Olivia Simmons2017Rockledge HS59.12 --
15Jacquell Lewis2020Florida High School59.38 --
16Amanda Dumar2017Berkeley Prep HS59.50 --
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800 Meter Run

1Caitlin Collier2018Bolles HS2:09.03 10
2Natalie Varela2020Gulliver Prep HS2:16.71 8
3Leigha Torino2017North Marion HS2:17.39 6
4Ally Hajda2017Bolles HS2:18.19 5
5Katie Pinnell2018North Broward Prep HS2:18.74 4
6Tsion Yared2020Pine Crest HS2:19.69 3
7Nicole Matysik2019Key West HS2:19.70 2
8Jatana Folston2019Ransom Everglades School2:19.94 1
9Grace Gerry2017Bishop Kenny HS2:20.49 --
10Amanda Schwartz2020Pine Crest HS2:22.30 --
11Jasmin Loriz2019West Florida Tech HS2:22.31 --
12Annie Allmark2017Suncoast HS2:22.49 --
13Mahdere Yared2021Pine Crest HS2:23.49 --
14Rebecca Clark2019The Villages HS2:23.67 --
15Rachel Shapiro2018Bolles HS2:23.75 --
16Jadae Barrett2020Hallandale HS2:24.01 --
--Catherine Kunz2021Bolles HS2:26.00 --
--Skye Mitchell2018Bolles HS2:26.02 --
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1,600 Meter Run

1Caitlin Collier2018Bolles HS4:52.60 10
2Leigha Torino2017North Marion HS4:57.53 8
3Tsion Yared2020Pine Crest HS4:57.69 6
4Amanda Beach2017Melbourne Central Catholic HS4:58.62 5
5Ally Hajda2017Bolles HS4:58.97 4
6Natalie Varela2020Gulliver Prep HS4:59.52 3
7Rachel Shapiro2018Bolles HS5:11.54 2
8Simone Vreeland2017Pine Crest HS5:12.71 1
9Rebecca Clark2019The Villages HS5:13.01 --
10Mahdere Yared2021Pine Crest HS5:14.17 --
11Katie Bishop2018North Broward Prep HS5:17.16 --
12Sadie McLaughlin2018Rockledge HS5:18.59 --
13Kendyl Cardwell2021Montverde Academy5:22.09 --
14Nicole Meers2019Montverde Academy5:22.70 --
15Lily Henne2022Montverde Academy5:23.12 --
16Annie Allmark2017Suncoast HS5:24.68 --
--Emily Faulhaber2020Pine Crest HS5:14.28 --
--Catherine Kunz2021Bolles HS5:14.94 --
--Amanda Schwartz2020Pine Crest HS5:18.05 --
--Maya Beleznay2020Pine Crest HS5:19.44 --
--Maeve O'Riordan2019Bolles HS5:23.19 --
--Aoife O'Riordan2017Bolles HS5:26.41 --
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3,200 Meter Run

1Natalie Varela2020Gulliver Prep HS10:59.67 10
2Ally Hajda2017Bolles HS11:06.25 8
3Kendyl Cardwell2021Montverde Academy11:20.83 6
4Rebecca Clark2019The Villages HS11:24.65 5
5Rachel Shapiro2018Bolles HS11:25.56 4
6Nicole Meers2019Montverde Academy11:29.19 3
7Kelsi Ogilvie2017Lemon Bay HS11:32.10 2
8Emily Faulhaber2020Pine Crest HS11:35.26 0.5
8Haleigh Martin2017Wakulla HS11:35.26 0.5
10Alaina Pisello2021Trinity Prep11:38.64 --
11Aoife O'Riordan2017Bolles HS11:40.48 --
12Maya Beleznay2020Pine Crest HS11:41.08 --
13Sadie McLaughlin2018Rockledge HS11:42.01 --
14Hannah McAuliffe2018Lakewood HS11:45.06 --
15Grace Gerry2017Bishop Kenny HS11:47.43 --
16Lily Henne2022Montverde Academy11:50.74 --
17Nicole Matysik2019Key West HS11:52.21 --
--Maeve O'Riordan2019Bolles HS11:41.02 --
--Caroline Holland2019Bolles HS11:49.80 --
--Ella Mickler2023Bolles HS11:54.21 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Mone't Bowen2018Bolles HS43.86 10
2Asia Mcmillon2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)43.94 8
3Kerra Williams2018Hallandale HS44.86 6
4Keausha Bradley Macklin2017Hallandale HS44.94 5
5Ashante Harvey2020Hallandale HS45.24 4
6Nia Guine-Herndon2018Bolles HS45.57 3
7Amanda Dumar2017Berkeley Prep HS45.65 2
8Hannah Kanjian2019Oxbridge Academy46.49 1
9Kyra Odum2019Florida High School46.98 --
10Janasia Cox2019East Gadsden HS47.05 --
11Chloe Davis2019Berkeley Prep HS47.33 --
12Britta Strain2019Pine Crest HS47.50 --
12Jacqueline Kirk2017Ransom Everglades School47.50 --
14Corliss Holland2019Raines HS47.85 --
15Ariella Allen2019Bolles HS47.99 --
16Karen Henry2018Miami Booker T. Washington HS48.10 --
--Richara McNeil2020Hallandale HS46.58 --
--Dynah James2019Hallandale HS47.70 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)47.05 10
2Westside High School47.96 8
3Rockledge HS48.08 6
4Bolles HS48.56 5
5Suncoast HS48.66 4
6Hallandale HS48.99 3
7Spoto HS49.30 2
8Rickards HS49.44 1
9Palatka HS49.50 --
10Raines HS49.63 --
11Jones HS49.65 --
12Glades Central HS49.73 --
13Dunbar HS49.81 --
14Florida High School49.87 --
15Godby HS49.91 --
16Cocoa HS50.02 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)3:49.25 10
2Bolles HS3:57.35 8
3Hallandale HS3:58.43 6
4Godby HS4:01.14 5
5Cocoa HS4:02.37 4
6Rockledge HS4:02.86 3
7Berkeley Prep HS4:04.97 2
8Miami Jackson HS4:07.25 1
9Raines HS4:07.52 --
10Ransom Everglades School4:07.89 --
11Dunbar HS4:08.81 --
12West Florida Tech HS4:09.18 --
13Jones HS4:09.72 --
14Gulliver Prep HS4:09.83 --
15Lake Wales HS4:12.05 --
16Rickards HS4:12.33 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1St. Brendan HS9:51.64 10
2Hallandale HS9:53.57 8
3Pine Crest HS9:56.20 6
4American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)9:56.70 5
5West Florida Tech HS9:56.74 4
6Bolles HS10:02.24 3
7Lincoln Park Academy HS10:02.79 2
8Lemon Bay HS10:03.35 1
9Bishop Kenny HS10:06.56 --
10Suncoast HS10:07.35 --
11Rockledge HS10:09.24 --
12Satellite High School10:09.57 --
13Academy of Holy Names10:10.29 --
14Ransom Everglades School10:13.42 --
15American Heritage MS/HS (Delray)10:14.40 --
16Montverde Academy10:14.44 --
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High Jump

1Tiara McMinn2017Miami Jackson HS5-9 10
2Nazah Reddick2017Raines HS5-6 8
3Jazmyn Dennis2017Florida High School5-5 5.5
3Nicole Hall2018The Villages HS5-5 5.5
5Alexus Norman2017Bayshore HS5-4 4
6Hannah Kanjian2019Oxbridge Academy5-3.75 3
7Denise White2019Bay HS5-3 1
7Gabi Carter2019Episcopal School of Jacksonville5-3 1
7Kayla Howard2017Wolfson High School5-3 1
10Daniela Turner2017Saint Andrew's HS5-2 --
10Karly Colford2020Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)5-2 --
10Kori Collins2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)5-2 --
10Shanise Seabrook2018Hallandale HS5-2 --
14Corliss Holland2019Raines HS5-1.75 --
14Lashawn Griffin2020Rickards HS5-1.75 --
16Ellie Carrera Justiz2019Ransom Everglades School5-1 --
16Madison Winship2017Crystal River HS5-1 --
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Triple Jump

1Adrianna Mitchell2017Florida High School38-6 10
2Nia Guine-Herndon2018Bolles HS37-8 8
3Caroline Johnston2019Episcopal School of Jacksonville37-5.5 5.5
3Jazmyn Dennis2017Florida High School37-5.5 5.5
5Rhea Thielbar2018Berkeley Prep HS36-11 4
6Keausha Bradley Macklin2017Hallandale HS36-9 3
7Priscilla Miller2018Southeast HS36-0.25 2
8Amber Williams2018Raines HS35-9.5 1
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Long Jump

1Nazah Reddick2017Raines HS18-6 10
2Jayla Brown2018Westside High School18-3 8
3Adrianna Mitchell2017Florida High School18-1.25 6
4Caroline Johnston2019Episcopal School of Jacksonville18-1 4.5
4Jazmyn Smith2018Gulliver Prep HS18-1 4.5
6Karyelle Farmer2017Florida High School17-11.25 3
7Rachel Hagans2018Tampa Catholic HS17-10.75 2
8Kyra Odum2019Florida High School17-10.5 1
9Kamryn Smith2018Dunbar HS17-8.5 0
10Jamaya Brown2018Westside High School17-8.25 --
11Priscilla Miller2018Southeast HS17-7.75 --
12Monyette Montgomery2019Spoto HS17-5.5 --
13Chloe Davis2019Berkeley Prep HS17-3.5 --
14Keausha Bradley Macklin2017Hallandale HS17-3.25 --
15Nia Lecky2018Coconut Creek HS17-0 --
15Terriana Smith2019Rockledge HS17-0 --
--Amanda Dumar2017Berkeley Prep HS17-3.25 --
--Jazmyn Dennis2017Florida High School17-0 --
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Pole Vault

1Anne Gutierrez2017Ransom Everglades School10-11.75 10
2Nicole Stambo2019Berkeley Prep HS10-7 7
2Taylor Logue2017Pine Crest HS10-7 7
4Laine Roberts2020Bolles HS10-6 4.5
4Sidney Lampert2017American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)10-6 4.5
6Caroline Johnston2019Episcopal School of Jacksonville10-4 3
7Ashton Lundy2017Bishop Kenny HS10-0 1
7Kai Eisenhardt2021Montverde Academy10-0 1
7Kelley Breeden2017Florida High School10-0 1
10Chloe St.Aubin2019South Walton HS9-6 --
10Jazmyn Dennis2017Florida High School9-6 --
10Natalie Hernesman2018Rockledge HS9-6 --
13Autumn Aniello2017Archbishop McCarthy HS9-0.25 --
13Cameron Graham2017Umatilla HS9-0.25 --
13Jessica Reising2018Pompano Beach HS9-0.25 --
13merileigh camaret2020South Walton HS9-0.25 --
13Zoe Tsoukas2020Ransom Everglades School9-0.25 --
--Amanda Dumar2017Berkeley Prep HS9-6 --
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Shot Put

1Amani Heaven2018Hallandale HS41-7.25 10
2Alise Davis2017Tampa Catholic HS41-0.5 8
3Debbie Ajagbe2017Ransom Everglades School41-0.25 6
4Dorian Solomon2017Godby HS40-4.5 5
5Kantenesha Peters2020Rickards HS39-5.5 4
6Madison (Madi) Malone2017Archbishop McCarthy HS39-5.25 3
7Antonia Thomas2019Florida High School38-6.25 2
8Naomi Riggins2018Florida High School37-10.75 1
9Tamia Roebuck2018Rickards HS37-4.75 --
10Alexis Benjamin-Graham2018Hardee HS36-11 --
11Jhordyn Stallworth2020Florida High School36-7.25 --
12Jouie Miller2019Nature Coast Tech36-6 --
13Valentina Estrada2017Berkeley Prep HS36-3 --
14Kylie Bruder2017Pine Crest HS36-1.5 --
15Nazareth Battle2017Dunbar HS35-7 --
16Brianna Brown2017Bishop Moore HS35-6.5 --
--Jordan Brown2018Florida High School35-3.5 --
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1Debbie Ajagbe2017Ransom Everglades School167-0.75 10
2Amani Heaven2018Hallandale HS148-6.75 8
3Madison (Madi) Malone2017Archbishop McCarthy HS139-2 6
4Toynell Ming2018Hallandale HS128-0.25 5
5Dorian Solomon2017Godby HS122-1 4
6Eriana Sanford2020Hallandale HS121-11 3
7Jhordyn Stallworth2020Florida High School119-4.25 2
8Laura Liberiste2017Lely HS111-1 1
9Seytia Hill2019Weeki Wachee HS110-11 --
10Holly Carter2018Satellite High School109-3 --
11Crystal Ortiz2019Nature Coast Tech108-9 --
12Carine Reed2018Florida High School106-11.5 --
13Tia Espinoza2019West Florida Tech HS106-8.5 --
14Antonia Thomas2019Florida High School106-4.75 --
15Jouie Miller2019Nature Coast Tech105-8 --
16Emily Bartram2018Umatilla HS104-9.5 --
--Naomi Riggins2018Florida High School104-11 --
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Team Scores

1Bolles HS93.5
2Hallandale HS63
3American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)60.5
4Gulliver Prep HS39.5
5Florida High School37
6Westside High School35
7Ransom Everglades School33
8Pine Crest HS23.5
9Raines HS19
10Lake Wales HS16
11Berkeley Prep HS15
12Chaminade-Madonna College Prep14
12Episcopal School of Jacksonville14
12Godby HS14
12North Marion HS14
16Miami Jackson HS11
17The Villages HS10.5
18Montverde Academy10
18St. Brendan HS10
18Tampa Catholic HS10
21Archbishop McCarthy HS9
21Rockledge HS9
23Cocoa HS7
24Somerset Academy5.5
25Melbourne Central Catholic HS5
25Rickards HS5
27Palatka HS4.5
28Bayshore HS4
28North Broward Prep HS4
28Oxbridge Academy4
28Suncoast HS4
28West Florida Tech HS4
33Lemon Bay HS3
34Key West HS2
34Lincoln Park Academy HS2
34Southeast HS2
34Spoto HS2
38Bay HS1
38Bishop Kenny HS1
38Lakewood HS1
38Lely HS1
38Wolfson High School1
43Wakulla HS0.5