In Her Own Words: Kali Davis-Whtie

Hey everyone it's Kali Davis-White from Boyd H. Anderson, and I am so happy to have the chance to  blog for flrunners.  
Ok, let’s get to the juicy part! So next week I will be in Seattle competing against the fastest girls in the nation in the 60m dash for the Brooks PR invitational. Crazy right? Even though it’s supposed to be a fun trip, which it will be because my new teammate Levonte Whitfield (Kermit) will be there competing in the men’s 60m dash. Even with my new teammate there I have to remember it fun and game, but when Sunday comes it competition time. 
My coach and I have been training for Brooks all year long and now that it is a week away I am a nervous wreck. Have you ever gotten nervous before a big meet? Tell me in the comment box your experience I am dying to hear your story. 
I almost forgot its Valentine’s Day you guys. I have had the same valentines for  about 6 ½ years now (track and field duhh) it kicks my butt then I suck it up. All the pain it gives me, jump in an ice bath then back for more blood, sweat, and tears the next day. 
Follow my blogging journey through my ups and downs of my senior year  of high school track and field. This is my first blog so don’t judge me I promise to get better. I will be back next week. Check back here and follow me on instagram @LADYEMON876 to see the cool pictures I upload from my trip to Seattle!  Go Noles!
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