In His Own Words: Austin Droogsma

Well that's all folks. That's right the season is over and let's just say its been an interesting one. Lots of ups and downs but it ended with the best upside possible. In the pouring rain and 50 mile per hour winds I was able to come out on top and win my second consecutive state championship in the shot put and discus. It was hands down the worst meet I have ever been to as far as conditions go, but as my football coach always says "you have to adapt ,improvise, and overcome" and that's what I did. I adapted to the accelerated pace of the meet. improvised on my technique in the discus by slowing down to prevent falling, and overcame the wind and rain to come out on top.    
I don't like throwing in anything less than sunny skies, but more times than not you are not going to get your way and there is always going to be something whether it's rain, wind, cold or a combination of the three. You just have to be ready for it and overcome all adversity.            
I threw 183 feet in the disc and 57 feet in the shot,, It certainly was not my best performances, but I was satisfied with the numbers and at the end of the day I've got two gold medals hanging from my neck. My entire highschool career has led up to this point and what better way to finish it out than with four state championships. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for me at FSU. Hopefully one day I will be a national champion, but only time will tell. Until then stay blessed throwers and keep working hard.

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