Top 25 Fun Things About this Weekend's FLR 14

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the big meet coming up this weekend in Titusville. Here are some of our favorites.


#25 - Great weather!

#24 - Massive Snowcones

#23 - Running Zone Tent Selling Shoes and Spikes

#22 - Sara Hall Speaking and Meet & Greet

Professional athlete and humanitarian Sara Hall will be speaking Friday night at 8PM at the Elk's Lodge. She will be at the meet all morning Saturday to hang out, sign autographs, etc. More Information...

#21 - Great Big Outdoor Stage

The big stage in the middle of our "midway" is the main hub of operation. Our DJ will be doing music, announcer doing his thing, awards, giveaways, contests, dancing partices, etc. all wil be centered here.

#20 - Kettle Corn by the ton

#19 - Trails

#18 - Bridges

#17 - Climb the Lookout Tower

#16 - Todd will be there

#15 - Plus These Guys

#14 - Awesome Metal Awards

Real metal and sturdy cup trophies. These are not the plastic stuff you may get elsewhere. Plus statues for the ROC individual champions and medals with the meet logo for individuals.

#13 - Beware of Alligators

We don't call part of the course "Alligator Alley" for nothing!

#12 - Track Nation Tent - Personalize your t-shirt!

Our friends at #TrackNation will be on site with a tent. They'll be selling our official meet t-shirts this year, along with other apparel. They will have CUSTOM PRINTING on backs of t-shirts available so you can presonalize them with designs or phrases.

#11 - Team Tent Village Bigger Than Some Small Towns

#10 - Colorful Meet Shirts

#9 - Live Webcast

The live feed will be embedded on the top story on during the meet.

#8 - Free Muscle Milk and CytoMax

The Muscle Milk Hydration Station Tent will be available past the finish chute and water. After you finish... replenlish! Stretch out rollers and such available too under the shady tent.

#7 - Crazy Parents with 100 Cameras of the Same Shot

#6 - Noise Makers, Beads, and Goodies Tossed from Stage

I went a little crazy at US Toy. We'll be throwing these babies out from the stage. So keep your ears open!

#5 - Concert Ticket Giveaways

Listen up for the announcements. We've got tickets from a number of concerts around the state coming up in November to give away. These include the Beat's Birthday Bash Tour, Coastline Festival, Halloweenie Roast tour, Paramore, and the Avett Brothers.

#4 - DJ Dustin Spinning Music and Dance Contests

We got DJD coming back this year to keep the beats pumping, your heart going, and your feet moving!

#3 - Ricky Quintana's Announcing

The man the myth the legend... Ricky Quintana will be joining us this year to be the official voice of FLR 14.

#2 - Over Four Thousand Athletes, 19 races, 2 days!

#1 - Best of the Best Battling it out in the Race of Champions!!!




Spontaneous Gymnastics Exhibitions

Sunrise at Chain of Lakes Park

Derek and Dave are the Head Officials YAY!

Our Great and Friendly Crew at the Meet HQ and Packet Pickup!

Including meet founder Jason Byrne's wife Melinda, father Charles, and mom Renee. Plus timer Mike Hill's wife Michelle and gracious Titusville HS volunteer parents!

A Nice Finish Line

Burgers and dogs anyone?

Fancy Costumes in the Cheering Section

Hunt to Find the Best T-Shirt Slogans

The Joy of Finishing.... and then getting WATER!!! (and Muscle Milk)

College Recruiters

We're on good authority that man top colleges and big universities will have coaches on hand checking out the potential talent! Be seen! Dream big!

The Eastern State College (formerly Brevard Community College) Head of Security Talks Just like he's straight out of The Godfather

Armando is the coolest, scariest, nicest dude with the thickest New York Italian accent ever!

An Amazing Timing Crew... Chip Timing from Elite Timing



Add your favorite things about the meet in your comments. Get readdddyyyyyy to rumble!!!