Summer Training Blog: Gulliver Prep Freshman Natalie Varela - Week 11 - One Week Left & I'm Ready To Go

Week 11 - August 15 - August 21

Well only one week until the first race and I'm ready to go. Last summer, I had less than half a training camp. I started in August focusing more on summer track and paid the price early in the XC season. After seeing how competitive 2A is, I changed my strategy and focused on my XC training this summer. Last year's district and regionals were intense and it doesn't get any easier this year.

Anyways this week i participated in the Ferguson Time Trial At Larry and Penny Park. My main objective was to pace my friend Jordan Shapiro who will be attending Palmetto High School this year. Everything went according to plan.Jordan ran great as i paced her through the first 2.5 miles or so. I just couldn't resist and took off the last 800 to run down some of the boys .I used the time trial as a tempo run till that point. I want to thank Coach Estevez for letting us participate and letting us enjoy all the food and drinks provided for his team. I think Ferguson is going to surprise a lot of  team this year.

Monday 8/15:

1 mile warm up 2 x 800, 400 ,800  finished off with 6 x 65  striders,1 mile cool down.

Tuesday 8/16: 

 5 mile run at comfortable pace. The long runs and speed work are beginning to feel real easy by now. Staying focused and not overdoing it is the hardest part. I have to stick to the plan.

Wednesday 8/17 

We started school so practices are earlier about 4:00 the sun is brutal temp in the 90's and humidity is of the charts .Coach Batista and Coach T had us run at the stables in the shade thank god.  2 mile slow run 20 minute fartlek 1.5 mile cool down.

Thursday 8/18:

Another 5 mile recovery run some core and stretches to finish off the work out.

Friday 8/19: 

45 minute run at 7:45 pace going to use the time trial tomorrow as a tempo  run so easy run today as well.Feel strong and rested ready to tear it up tomorrow. Oh yeah, it's a tempo run this will test my new found patience. 

Saturday 8/20:

Used the time trial to pace Jordan through most of the race. 1.5 mile warm up. Can't believe how strong I felt today. Ran the course easy and steady .1 mile cool down. Hopefully i'll feel as good next Saturday .

Sunday 8/21:

Beach day with mom. We woke up early and get there by 8 :00 a.m . Can't help it I'm an early bird . The beach is crystal clear and peaceful at this time. We leave by 11:30 when the sun starts to get hot and the crowd starts arriving.

Total miles this week 11:   30 miles